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This theatre, the Magik Theatre in downtown San Antonio, presents a new action-packed production “The Hero: Twins Blood Race” Feb 4 – Mar 5. Don’t let the name fool you. There’s nothing gory about The Hero Twins: Blood Race. On the contrary, this epic adventure explores issues of prejudice, perseverance, and belonging that remind us that we are all one race: the human race. Regardless of the color of our skin, our place in society, or our gender, we all bleed red.


About the Show

Audiences will be captivated by the female protagonist Moth, and her twin brother Cricket, as they travel through a cave-like underworld, vying to win the Blood Race and determine the ruling class. The duo will have to work together to find creative solutions to the many obstacles they encounter on their quest to change the world. Based on one of the oldest myths in the world, this futuristic romp is inspired by the politics and culture of classic Mayan society. The production’s steampunk-inspired costumes and set designs, however, have a thoroughly modern vibe. A revolving stage keeps the action going as the trained cast performs exciting Parkour movement sequences set to driving musical beats. Opening night will be a fun-filled celebration with crafts and interactive experiences to delight both the young and the young at heart. Theatre goers will also get a behind-the-scenes look at the conceptual design of this family-friendly, action-packed adventure. From museum-style pillars depicting elements from the show to set models, costume designs and more will line the lobby opening night. Written by Latino playwright and educator Ramón Esquivel, The Hero Twins: Blood Race is a production designed to inspire and empower audiences of all ages, races, and genders.


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“What I hope young people learn from these two characters is the different responses they can have to challenges and adversity,” says Esquivel.



At first glance, The Hero Twins: Blood Race may look like just another action and adventure tale, but there’s much more to this hero’s journey than what meets the eye. Directed by Ricky Araiza, the story tackles a variety of important societal themes including resilience, honesty, integrity, justice, equity, gender stereotypes, and how to stand up to adversity. These topics are addressed in a contemporary way that resonates and connects with audiences today. Not only are they entertained by the story, but they also experience it on many levels.


“I think that what The Hero Twins does so well as a story is it creates an opportunity for audiences to see a narrative about a young person who is faced with epic and heroic challenges, and she must make a choice of whether she is going to merely accept what is being told to her because that is the way things have always been, or create a new path,” says Araiza. “Choices like these, even for adults, are so scary, but when we are allowed to step into our true selves, we can create amazing new worlds.”



Running, jumping, climbing, crawling, and rolling stunts are just part of a day’s work for our cast. One of the theatre’s most physically demanding shows, The Hero Twins: Blood Race is filled with live action. To prepare for their roles, the cast was trained by Parkour Coach Wes De La Rosa who put them through the paces while encouraging them to find their own groove within the movements.


“Parkour is intuitive in different ways for every individual so I’m excited to see what types of movements the cast creates with these skills,” he says. “Overall, the audience can look forward to lots of fluid, animal-like movement, with a big splash of creativity and pizzazz.”


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The production of The Hero Twins: Blood Race features a cast of four, all of whom are either dance or movement trained. Mason Ortiz and Brianna Resendez play twins Cricket and Moth, with Giselle Galindo as Iguana and Pedro Leos as Jaguar. The crew includes Stage Manager Alyssa Snow, Scenic Design by Lucian Hernandez, Costume Design by Yesenia Tafur, Lighting Design by Bill Rios, and Sound Design by Jo Villanueva.



Throughout the week, Magik offers the opportunity for schools to come to the theatre on a field trip. Rather than simply a “snippet” of a show, Magik field trip performances are the same as public performances. These productions offer as many as 70,000 children per season the opportunity to see a live performance that they might not be able to experience otherwise. It’s part of the company’s commitment to inclusivity in the arts.


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Playwright Esquivel has cleverly woven STEAM principles into the play. Throughout the adventure, our heroes collaborate by using physics, reading, and math to win the race. These topics are explored in our comprehensive Study Guide designed to help educators and the general public make the most of their Magik experience. The guide covers the content of the play, provides educational activities, and offers ways for viewers to reflect on their learning. Study Guides can be accessed on Magik’s website as the performance nears.




Magik Theatre is committed to making theatre accessible to everyone. “We are here to make theatre accessible to every family and take away any barrier that exists,” says Frank Villani, CEO, Magik Theatre.


This Theatre



Flex Passes are on sale now,$170 – 10 Flex Pass Tickets ($17 per ticket – A savings of 32% off single ticket prices) and $300 – 20 Flex Pass Tikets($15 per ticket – A savings of 40% off single ticket prices).. Single Tickets are $18.50 for children (ages 2-17), Military, Seniors, and Educators | $22.50 for adults | Children under 2 years old are free. Flex Passes and Single Tickets are available at: or by calling (210) 227-2751. You can also purchase at the box office, 420 S. Alamo, from 9 a.m.- 5 p.m., Mon.-Fri. If a child under 2 uses a seat, even a car or booster seat, the patron must pay for a general-admission ticket. Group rates are offered to parties of ten or more people. For questions and further inquiries contact





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