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Who Is Flicks & Food


Flicks and Food got its start in 2008 when my husband decided to buy a website for me. For the first three years, it was mostly my hobby, something to do in my free time. Some place to post my favorite recipes (I love to cook and have learned cooking skills from the best). See my bio!


Since I also love to eat out and experience different cuisines, I started taking pictures of restaurant meals and writing about them. I would ask to talk to the owner/manager of the restaurant at the end of the meal and tell them I was going to post an article on my experience about my time there and would give them my card. (Yes, I had cards made up)!



Soon word got out about what I was doing, and in no time, restaurants were inviting me to come visit their establishment and write about them too. I actually had to turn some down because I found I just couldn’t eat that much. Even trying to just taste a dish, not eat all of it was a lot for me. And this is coming from someone who loves to eat.



Now it is a full time effort. Thanks to the overwhelming response from many restaurants and hotels in San Antonio and surrounding areas, as well as branded companies who have discovered Flicks and Food and realized the value I was bringing to them, this blog really expanded. I now travel to other cities, states, and yes, even other countries.



I have found myself covering resorts in Mexico, places of interest in Colorado and New Mexico and historic restaurants & hotels across the United States!



I have learned to enjoy many delicacies across the globe, tasted rare drinks from places small and large, and test driven new cars across the state of Texas



Thanks to the overwhelming success of Flicks and Food, the site has had many growing pains and has had to make changes to the original site to keep up with the growth including the most recent one in January 2022. The new site was cleaner, easier to navigate and it offered much more exposure for your business and products.





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