Something Special is Brewing in San Antonio

Something Special


Something Special from Chef Johnny Hernandez is Brewing in San Antonio




Something special coming! Southtown Coffee, San Antonio’s newest sensation from Chef Johnny Hernandez, is now open along the Mission Reach of the River Walk.



Set within Chef Johnny’s Burgerteca restaurant, beside its colorful Margarita Garden, Southtown Coffee’s large new lounge and outdoor areas recall cafes in picturesque pueblos of Mexico.


Something Special



Offering a singularly San Antonio experience, Southtown Coffee is open daily from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. serving Mexican specialty coffees and chocolate drinks dating back to pre-Hispanic celebratory and ceremonial beverages. Some of these ancient recipes, made with corn and cacao, come from an area in Michoacan where Chef Johnny’s mother and her ancestors lived. It’s all part of his ongoing journey, exploring the strong
traditions of Mexico’s culinary heritage.



Chef Johnny grinds fresh coffee beans sourced from Veracruz and Chiapas. He also oven roasts and then grinds organic cacao beans in a molina with fresh cinnamon sticks. Such commitment to quality ingredients and traditional Mexican preparation methods ensures an unparalleled coffee and chocolate experience.


Something Special


Unveiling a Captivating Mexican Coffee Menu from Recipes of Old

Coffee aficionados will enjoy Chef Johnny’s signature Churro latte, featuring bold espresso, with chocolate and dulce de leche, steamed milk, freshly ground cacao and cinnamon, topped with whipped cream. They’ll also enjoy a Mexican Mazapan latte, featuring strong espresso, sweet mazapan de la rosa candy, rich chocolate, and frothy milk. Try a Nutella latte, a delightful combination of hazelnut, chocolate, and cacao. Explore the bold flavors of Mexican history through the Atole de Pinole latte, made with toasted organic corn and ground cacao. Indulge in a cup of Café de Olla, simmered with freshly ground cinnamon and piloncillo for a touch of sweetness. For a creamy delight, taste the Horchata latte or the Lone Star Mocha, a rich blend of ground cacao, warm chocolate, and bold espresso. Embrace the green goodness of a Matcha latte or the subtle sweetness of a Dulce de Leche latte, finished with fresh whipped cream drizzled with rich caramel.


Something Special


Fresh Churros

Best of all, enjoy freshly made hot, cinnamon-sugar churros for dipping in cups of thick, warm chocolate sprinkled with freshly ground cacao and cinnamon. Healthful carrot, orange, and grapefruit juices are yet another sweet way to begin the day at Southtown Coffee.


Something Special


Unwind and Connect

Take advantage of free Wi-Fi in the quiet work and meeting spaces of the new Southtown Coffee lounge, decorated with a vibrant mural by Mexican artist Don Mos. With handsome equipale leather furniture and comfortable, colorfully embroidered, oversized chairs, the spacious room is available for private events and business gatherings.



Relax by the River

Drop by Southtown Coffee and enjoy the authentic flavors of Chef Johnny’s specialty coffees for a dynamic morning pick-me-up or a peaceful afternoon rest along the river.





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