Something Fresh, New and Delicious to Drink for Spring and Summer

Something Fresh


Something Fresh to Drink for Your Spring or Summer Soiree



Looking for something fresh, new and delicious to drink for a Spring or Summer party? Well look no further.


YoCo Vodka

I would like to put YoCo Vodka’s “All Night Long” cocktail on your radar for a summer party. This variation of the currently obsessed espresso martini, is easy to make at home and guaranteed to impress your guests.


Something Fresh


YoCo Vodka’s “All Night Long”

 2 oz YoCo Vodka

1/2 oz St. George NOLA Coffee Liqueur

 1/2 oz Simple Syrup

 1 1/2 oz Fresh Espresso

Directions: Shake combined ingredients with ice, strain into martini or coupe glass, and garnish with three coffee beans and cocoa dust.


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About YoCo Vodka

Founded by renowned music producer, Polow Da Don, YoCo® Vodka is all natural, gluten free, vegan, made from corn and uses activated carbon to create the best tasting, ultra-smooth vodka. Developed to provide once in a lifetime experiences, YoCo® Vodka intends to build a deeper connection between a consumer’s lifestyle with music and cultural events, and encourages all consumers to enjoy life, responsibly. For more information follow @drinkyoco on Instagram or visit


Something Fresh


Cutwater Canned Cocktail


Spicy Pineapple Margarita and American Rye Whiskey Lemonade have been added to its impressive lineup of over 20 bar-quality canned cocktails made with real spirits. There has never been an excuse needed to crack open a Cutwater canned cocktail, but the brand just made their lineup a little bit sweeter and you’re going to want to try.

Spicy Pineapple Margarita (10% ABV)

  • Turn up the heat with a spicy rendition on Cutwater’s fan-favorite Pineapple Margarita! This new RTD cocktail features Cutwater’s award-winning Tequila, triple sec, real pineapple juice and serrano pepper flavor for the perfect balance of a sweet heat.

American Rye Whiskey Lemonade (7% ABV)

  • This bold and refreshing RTD cocktail features Cutwater’s award-winning American Rye Whiskey combined with their made-in-house, refreshing lemonade. Made with real lemon juice, the bright and sweet citrus notes perfectly balances the spice from the complex yet flavorful whiskey. 

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To kick off Spring, here is a colorful cocktail from YoCo Vodka. This cocktail is perfect for your Easter holiday celebration, Spring picnics or even as you stalk Taylor Swift’s tour in honor of its name, the Lavender Haze cocktail is perfect for any occasion and will especially help ease your fomo of not being in the crowd, unless you were one of the lucky ones to get a ticket.


Something Fresh


YoCo Vodka’s “Lavender Haze”

2oz of YoCo Vodka

2oz of Butterfly pea blossom, coconut, lavender syrup*

1/2 oz of Lemon juice with a splash of club soda


Directions: Combine YoCo Vodka with Butterfly pea blossom, coconut, lavender syrup and shake for 20 seconds and fine strain into glass with ice. In a separate shot glass mix 1/2 oz of Lemon Juice and club soda then top over cocktail to watch the color change due to the pH in the Butterfly pea blossom.


*Directions for the Butterfly Pea Blossom, Coconut, Lavender Syrup: Bring 1 cup granulated sugar and 1 cup of water to a boil. Add 1/2 cup of Unsweetened Coconut, 1/3 cup Butterfly Pea blossom and 1 1/16th teaspoon of Lavender (Make sure to not let use too much Lavender or it can overwhelm the syrup) Let cool 6 hours or overnight

Recipe Credit: Taylor Cavanaugh


Something Fresh


Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan

Summer is a delicious way to celebrate the NEW Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan! The ultimate rum-based cocktail comes in three delicious flavors: Pina Colada​, Strawberry Daiquiri​, and Lime Mojito.


Vita Coco Spiked with Captain Morgan features the perfect blend of Captain Morgan and Vita Coco Coconut Water perfect for the warmer weather.




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