New Sturdy Way to Keep These Cocktails Safe and Ready for Summer

New Sturdy Way


New Sturdy Way to Keep Your Dulce Vida Tequila Cocktails Ready for Fun in the Sun This Summer




Now Dulce Vida helps make your summer more simple with a new sturdy way to help keep your cocktails easy to transport and ready-to-use. And this just in time for National Tequila Day!



Need a sharable, portable margarita this summer, that is boat- and beach-friendly? Look no further than Dulce Vida Tequila’s new ready-to-drink Tetra cartons. Available in Paloma, Lime Margarita and Watermelon Margarita varieties, these are crafted using real fruit juice, natural ingredients and Dulce Vida Blanco Tequila as a base – aka your summer staple!


New Sturdy Way


National Tequila Day

The Dulce Vida portfolio has all bases covered for National Tequila Day (7/24)! With a core range that is vibrant and smooth, Dulce Vida also has all-natural, fruit-forward infused tequilas available in Grapefruit and Lime and their spiciest and fastest growing flavor to taste if you dare – Pineapple Jalapeño! Take your pick for this National Tequila Day from these Dulce Vida recipes below!



New Sturdy Way


Dulce Vida Lime Margarita 

1.5 oz Dulce Vida Lime Tequila

4 oz Sparkling Water 

Big Squeeze of Fresh Lime 

Directions: Pour over ice in a tall glass and squeeze fresh lime to taste. Stir, garnish with a lime and enjoy



Dulce Vida Classic Paloma 

1.5 oz Dulce Vida Grapefruit Tequila

3 oz Sparkling Water

Splash Zero Lemon Lime Soda

Squeeze of Fresh Lime 

Garnishes: Lime Wedge 

Directions: Pour all ingredients over ice in a tall glass, stir and garnish with a lime. 


New Sturdy Way
(cocktail & photo credit: Dulce Vida)


Dulce Vida Sweet Heat 

2 oz Dulce Vida Pineapple Jalapeño Tequila

4 oz Sparkling Water

Garnishes: Pineapple Wedge

Directions: Pour tequila in a collins glass, top with ice, and then fill to brim with sparkling water. Place pineapple wedge on the side of the glass.

Quote: “This is an easy two step drink with the punch of a craft cocktail! Great for when you’re pregaming at home or at a dive bar that doesn’t do the fancy stuff.”


New Sturdy Way
(cocktail & photo credit: Dulce Vida + Wyn Vida + Jasmin Porter)


Dulce Vida Prickly Pear 

2 oz Dulce Vida Blanco Tequila

1 oz Lime Juice

.75 oz Prickly Pear Cordial

Garnishes: Tajin Rim, Cucumber 

Directions: Using a y peeler, make a long cucumber swath and place along the inside of the glass before placing a large cube inside. Add all ingredients into a shaker tin, fill to top with ice, and shake for 8 seconds. Double strain into a rocks glass over a large format ice cube.

Quote: “I love a good refreshing cocktail with a tajin rim to add a subtle kick! Much less labor intensive than the other drinks if you just need something quick.”


P.S. – National Pineapple Day is on July 27th. If you need a spicy reason to celebrate, Dulce Vida Pineapple Jalapeno mixed with soda water makes for a simple and delicious refresher.



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About Dulce Vida

Dulce Vida is tequila, pure and simple. With a core range of tequilas made with 100% Blue Weber agave and USDA-certified organic, the premium spirits brand was founded in Austin, Texas in 2009 and is produced in Jalisco, Mexico in the village of San Ignacio Cerro Gordo at Campanario (NOM 1443). Sustainability and attention to detail are inherent at every step, from harvest through distillation and aging. The expansive portfolio includes a core range of Blanco, Reposado and Añejo tequila – produced at both 80 proof and 100 proof – plus a 100-Proof Extra Añejo. Dulce Vida is also recognized for their flavor infused tequilas, made with real fruit including Pineapple Jalapeño, Lime and Grapefruit. Additionally, Dulce Vida offers ready-to-drink cocktails including Paloma, Margarita and Watermelon Margarita varieties. Please visit for more information.



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