New Product Brings a Buzz to the Already Popular Spirits Industry

New Product


New Product is a Real Game Changer When Compared to Traditional Spirits and Cocktails



Powered by Plants, a new product based in San Antonio, is proud to introduce the first (known) line of non-alcoholic hemp infused spirits in the United States for the ultimate mindful vibe.

The line of bottled botanical spirits includes their utterly unique version of tequila, rum and gin made with live resin derived from full spectrum natural premium hemp plants that are formulated to give you a fantastic light and floaty buzz.


New Product


“I tell people we’re here to ruin your relationship with alcohol because you can still catch that buzz you’re looking for with our spirits and have a good time, but without the repercussions the next morning,” said Brian Conaway, founder of Powered by Plants.

As hemp products, such as CBD, continue to permeate the culinary industry, offering more and more healthy alternatives, it’s a wonder Powered by Plants is the first to market with “spirits,” even in states where cannabis is entirely legal.

“Alternative beverages is an untapped market. I was really surprised, when I was in Denver recently, that no one is really doing anything like our hemp infused spirits. As someone with a background in the health and wellness industry who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle but likes to kick back and take the edge off from time-to-time, I knew we had a niche to fill,” says Conaway.



According to Brian, you can make any traditional cocktail, or innovate your own, using their hemp infused spirits. Take a beloved margarita mix or recipe and substitute regular tequila with Tequila CBD for a drink that will surprise and delight your guests or customers. 


New Product


Those who already use and love cannabis will appreciate the earthy flavor profile, but those who don’t can easily mask the flavor with other ingredients used to make cocktails, or mocktails. 

The trick is to only use half the CBD spirit that the recipe calls for. So if you usually add two ounces of liquor to a recipe. In this case, you would only use one ounce of a Powered by Plants CBD spirit and still get the results you’re looking for – a delicious cocktail that keeps the party flying high all night but minus that dreaded morning hangover. 

“Women, in particular, love our CBD spirits and are, frankly, driving the market. They want to be able to socialize with their friends but be healthy and not smell like smoke in the process, so these spirits are truly a win-win,” says Conaway.


New Product


Not only are the spirits botanical and non-alcoholic but have virtually no sugar. The CBD Gin and CBD Rum have zero sugar or calories, while the CBD Tequila has only two (2) grams of sugar. 



Conaway’s absolute favorite way to enjoy his CBD Spirits is to mix them with another new line of Powered by Plants products called Revive hemp pops

Hemp pops, which are also made with hemp whole plant live resin, come in a variety of scintillating flavors, including Revive Root Beer, Hibiscus Lemonade and Lavender Lemonade. The fizzy drinks come in 12 ounce cans and promise to help you renew, relax and unwind in the best way possible. 


New Product



“Our hemp pops pair perfectly with the CBD spirits to create fun drinks that you and your friends will thoroughly enjoy. Plus, they’ll thank you for giving them one of the best night’s sleep of their lives! Our products enable you to truly rest and have a more refreshed, productive experience the next day,” says Conaway. 


Currently, all aforementioned products along with several others, can be purchased online at, but Conaway is working closely with beverage distributors and bars to ensure customers can enjoy Powered by Plants cocktails all around Texas before long. Any bars, restaurants, liquor stores or beverage distributors interested in these products can contact Conaway directly through the website.


Brian Conaway has over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, including health and weight loss coaching, micro and macro nutrition and work with cancer-related charities. He ran corporate wellness for Life Time Fitness for Texas, Florida and Oklahoma, specifically developing onsite and digital programs to support their employees getting healthier after their blood scores were calculated. Additionally, Conaway was formerly the owner of Health Bomz, which sold paleo, gluten-free and keto-friendly snacks in 13 states. 


Live resin is a form of cannabis concentrate using fresh flower, as opposed to dried and cured. This method retains the terpenes that are lost during the drying and curing process. Because the flavorful terpenes remain intact, live resin is considered a high-quality, connoisseur-level product. 

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