New NE Side Location for this Popular Food Truck is Now Open

New NE Side Location


New NE Side Location for “What the Waffle” Food Truck is Now Open in San Antonio



What The Waffle Food Truck has a new NE side location in San Antonio and is open to the public. They are also available for delivery on Grubhub!



What The Waffle (WTW) food truck and catering company has been delighting San Antonio with their sensational waffles on a stick and mouth watering chicken for years and is happy to announce their new, much more accessible, location on the northeast side of San Antonio at Crosswinds, specifically 11911 Crosswinds Way #201 on The CO-OP SA property. 

You can’t miss WTW, as their food truck is visible from the road and immediately to the left upon entering The CO-OP SA.

New NE Side Location

What The Waffle is veteran-owned and operated by Greg Jones (Founder, Executive Chef and CEO) and William Clay Brown (Co-Owner and CFO), aka the Waffle Bros. Greg and Will Clay both served in the military for 10 years and are best friends from high school. Post military, they have enjoyed building a unique food experience for the community.

“We’re really excited to be in a more centralized location in the greater metro area,” says Greg. “Food should be fun! You shouldn’t have to wait to eat your dessert until after dinner. Our goal is to combine the two and create a memorable experience for all of our waffle fans.”

In addition to serving the public, the Waffle Bros take pride in serving our service members as well. They make a point to give back weekly by serving our defenders of freedom at local military installations around San Antonio from their second truck, called Waffle Wagon #2.




Additionally, What The Waffle’s signature menu of delectable waffles and chicken can now be found on the popular food delivery app, Grubhub.


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Made from scratch with proprietary blends and high quality ingredients, every waffle flavor and chicken option is a fan favorite. In fact, over a dozen herbs and spices go into making their 24-hour brined chicken that takes the phrase “finger-lickin’-good” to a whole new dimension.


New NE Side Location


At its core, What The Waffle is a family business that relies heavily on the feedback from their own kids.

“Our babies are our in-house taste testers,” says Will Clay. “We just love that organic engagement with our customers. Seeing those smiles and expressions when they take that first bite of our chicken and waffles with a twist is what keeps us going!”

The top three best selling waffles include the Cinna Munsta, Party Pop and Shakin Bacon.


New NE Side Location


Folks love the Cinna Munsta Waffle, which looks like a churro, generously dusted with cinnamon and sugar. Kids also go nuts for the Party Pop Waffle, playfully covered in colorful Fruity Pebbles. 

Finally, you just can’t go wrong with the Shakin Bacon Waffle for that perfectly-balanced mix of sweet and savory. With applewood smoked maple bacon crumbles on both the inside and out, drizzled with maple syrup and dusted with powdered sugar, it’s an out-of-this-world waffle!


New NE Side Location




What The Waffle was conceived in January of 2019 by Greg Jones, when he retired from the Navy after 10 years of service. Post retirement, Greg decided to combine his passion for food and service by creating unique waffles, which he began serving on military bases as a unique, delicious and portable option.

The name, What The Waffle, was inspired by a friend who was so shocked at how good Greg’s waffle was that he exclaimed, “What the…?!!!” Greg teased, saying ‘we don’t curse in this household,’ but… the name was born!


New NE Side Location


In 2020, WTW decided to spice things up by adding their famous chicken wings and jumbo tenders to the menu, a traditional marriage made in heaven. In 2021, they expanded their footprint by opening another food truck, Waffle Wagon #2, for catering to San Antonio and surrounding areas.


More Information


For more information on What The Waffle, please visit or email WTW can also be found on IG at @whatthewafflesa. Their new address is 11911 Crosswinds Way #201, San Antonio, TX 78233.





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