New Everyday Mexican Brunch is Coming Soon to San Antonio

New Everyday Mexican Brunch


New Everyday Mexican Brunch Brings the Flavorful Tastes of the Border to SA




New everyday Mexican brunch spot, Chilaquiles Buen Dia, brings a new everyday Mexican brunch with hip atmosphere to San Antonio! San Antonio, “Todos los dias son buenos,” with good days and the flavorful tastes of the border on the way!




Born in El Paso

Chilaquiles Buen Dia, founded in 2023 by El Paso-based hospitality group Pan y Agua, is a West Texas favorite. It has opened three locations, with several under development across existing and new markets. Buen Dia neighborhood chilaquerias are counter service restaurants that offer chilaquiles, tacos, ice-cold cervezas, cocktails, and freshly made aguas frescas in bright and lively settings.


New Everyday Mexican Brunch


Pan y Agua is thrilled to announce that its first San Antonio Chilaquiles Buen Dia location is coming soon to the Alamo City. Chilaquiles Buen Dia has captured the hearts and palates of food enthusiasts with its tantalizing menu and vibrant ambiance. Soon, San Antonians will have a chance to try it for themselves!

Taqueria Close to Pearl District

Designed to evoke the lively atmosphere of a traditional taqueria found south of the border, Chilaquiles Buen Dia in San Antonio location is nestled just outside of the historic Pearl District. With white tile and hand-painted texts on walls by “rotulistas” or Mexican sign painters, you’ll feel transported deep into Mexico, reminiscent of your favorite taqueria.

New Everyday Mexican Brunch

Pan Y Agua has been a staple in the El Paso restaurant and bar scene for over 20 years. Pan Y Agua has curated a collection of successful concepts in El Paso including Crave Kitchen and Bar, with six locations in El Paso; Malolam Cantina; the innovative TIME shopping center; and the vibrant Fools Gold Bar.

The driving force behind Chilaquiles Buen Dia’s success lies in Pan y Agua’s passionate partners: Nick Salgado, Octavio Gomez, and Chef Rudy Valdes. Born and raised on the Texas-Mexico border, their generational commitment to hospitality and over 60 combined years of experience has enabled them to create innovative dishes rooted in Mexican culinary traditions and culture. The group is excited to bring their first concept to the San Antonio market.

“Bringing Chilaquiles Buen Dia to San Antonio is a dream come true for us,” Nick Salgado said. “We’re thrilled to share our passion for authentic Mexican flavors with the vibrant community of San Antonio, inviting them to experience the warmth and authenticity of our taqueria-inspired eatery.”

New Everyday Mexican Brunch

Salsa Lovers

At Chilaquiles Buen Dia, patrons can expect an array of tantalizing offerings, with a focus on their specialty – chilaquiles – paired with a diverse selection of salsa flavors including rojo, chipotle, habanero, entomatados, chile verde, and creamy green. Tacos are also a favorite with the perfect variety of choriqueso, carnitas, carne asada and pollo dorado. Wash it all down with an agua fresca, made fresh daily from pineapple, jamaica, horchata or lemon.

What to Drink?

Did someone say drinks? With a full bar, Chilaquiles Buen Dia offers a variety of Margaritas and Palomas, including the Smoky Pineapple Margarita, the Bonjour Amigo, Pepino Limonada Refresca and the must-have Mexi Mimosa made with champagne and fresh-made jamaica. And don’t forget about the cervezas, served ice cold or prepared with one of our freshly made michelada mixes.

New Everyday Mexican Brunch

More Information:

For more information and updates, visit Follow Chilaquiles Buen Dia on Instagram at @chilaquiles_buendia.

Keep an eye out for the grand opening of Chilaquiles Buen Dia in San Antonio, where every bite is a journey through the vibrant flavors of Mexico.

About Pan y Agua Group

Pan y Agua Group is an El Paso-based hospitality company founded in 2008 by Nick Salgado, Octavio Gomez and Chef Rudy Valdes. Together, the group owns and operates Crave Kitchen & Bar with six locations in El Paso, Cantina Malolam, Fools Gold Bar, TIME at Montecillo shopping center and its latest concept Chilaquiles Buen Dia.

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