Meet a Tantalizing Tropical Drink made From Sugarcane Juice

Meet a Tantalizing


Meet a Tantalizing Cachaça, Rum’s Older Cousin, Made from a Distillate of Sugarcane Juice




Meet a tantalizing Cachaça:

You’ve heard of Tequila’s cousin Mezcal but have you heard about Rum’s cousin: Cachaça? Everyone’s talking about tequila’s bolder, smokier relative mezcal, but now it’s time to discover cachaça (kuh-sha-sah), rum’s older cousin! Born from a distillate of sugarcane juice, cachaça is similar to both rhum agricole and Jamaican pot-still rum with a tantalizing tropical rainforest funk.



Who better to learn about cachaça from than Novo Fogo, the award winning spirits producer that brings the natural beauty of cachaça Brazil to the world through their zero waste, carbon negative distillery.



From the rainforest to your glass, Novo Fogo is the perfect addition to any drink that calls for rum, like the modest Cuba Libré, to the most elevated craft cocktail from renowned bartenders across the world.



For a lesson in cachaça cocktails look no further! Below are a few delicious & refreshing drink recipes from Novo Fogo that will show you what this tropical tipple is all about.

Meet a Tantalizing

Caipirinha (the signature cocktail of Brazil)

2 oz Novo Fogo Silver or Novo Fogo Barrel-Aged Cachaça

1 ¼ Tbsp Sugar

½ Lime

Remove the width pith from the lime and discard it. Cut the remaining lime in slices; toss them into the glass. Muddle them with sugar in the glass. Fill the glass with ice. Add cachaça and pour everything into a shaker. Shake and pour everything (including the ice) back into the same glass.

Meet a Tantalizing


2 oz Novo Fogo Silver or Chameleon cachaça

1 oz BG Reynolds Passionfruit Syrup

½ oz coconut milk

½ oz lime juice

Add all ingredients in a blender with ½ cup of ice and blend until smooth.

Meet a Tantalizing


Novo Fogo Cachaça is a carbon negative company that produces USDA-certified 100% organic cachaças at its zero-waste distillery in the heart of Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest. They are known as passionate advocates for sustainable practices in the spirits industry and its production methods prioritize human and environmental sustainability.

Meet a Tantalizing

The company is proud of its all-female distiller team and its legacy reforestation project, The Un-Endangered Forest, which seeks to restore 36 species of threatened native trees. Extending this ethos to its cocktail audience, Novo Fogo has been a trailblazer for sponsoring health and wellness initiatives for spirit industry members. The company’s product line intersects traditional Brazilian culture with modern cocktail trends of healthier drinking, such as low carbs, low ABV, and low calories. Seeking to build a business that can last 100 years, today Novo Fogo is developing partnerships with a network of celebrity supporters (like Grammy-nominated duo SOFI TUKKER) named Tree-Keepers™, to foster increased awareness towards its brand of conscientious capitalism.

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