Local Diner Brings Back Popular Jewish-Chinese Remix Menu

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Local Diner Brings Back Unique Holiday Tradition with Jewish Chinese New Year




Local diner, The Hayden, will offer a Jewish-Chinese Christmas menu at both locations, available from December 19th to December 22nd for dine in or to-go.



About Jewish-Chinese Christmas

For the third year in a row, the delicatessen is offering an interesting fusion for its guests based on the Jewish tradition of eating Chinese food on Christmas Eve. Adam Lampinstein, owner of The Hayden, wanted to celebrate his Jewish heritage with a flavor filled mash up of these two vastly different cuisines. Adam gives some insight into how this tradition came to be: “While all our friends are opening presents under the tree, having ham, and sipping eggnog, we honestly have nothing else to do and thus this tradition was likely born. We are social people and want to get out and do something!”


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The Menu

Adam, along with head chef, Bill Corbett, wanted to develop a menu that explored & honored both cultures within each dish. Last year, diners were treated to dishes such as Pastrami Fried Rice & Meatloaf Spring Rolls, to which the former will be making a reappreance on this year’s menu. Additionally, guests will be treated to pairings such as Hoisin Glazed Pork Belly, Sesame (& Everything But the Bagel) Chicken, Chili-Garlic Smoked Chicken Wings, and Nova Fried Rice. Alongside the savory delights, the Baked Sweet Coconut Sticky Rice Cakes with Strawberry Sauce, is sure to sweeten up a holiday.


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Guests can order from the Jewish-Chinese Christmas menu for dine in or to-go from December 19th through December 22nd. Reservations for the limited menu are not required but can be made at the eatery’s website here. Guests can order online here.


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Local Diner

More Information:

The Hayden is a South Texas diner, with an old school Jewish delicatessen soul that recently celebrated their two year anniversary in October. Many of their signature dishes are Jewish classics with a Texas twist or nods to classic deli dishes that are hard to come by in the Lone Star State.

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The Hayden
4025 Broadway St., San Antonio, TX 78209


(210) 437-4306


The Hayden at Alon

10003 NW Military Hwy #2115, San Antonio, TX 78231


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