Local Brunch Restaurant Introduces New Menu & Morning Happy Hour

Local Brunch Restaurant


Local Brunch Restaurant Introduces New Menu & Morning Happy Hour




Local brunch restaurant, Mae Dunne Kitchen & Goods, located on 23702 I-10 Suite 108, introduces a new menu and Morning Mingle Happy Hour starting March 1st.



Local Brunch Restaurant
El Morillo


The Menu

Known for their minimalistic aesthetic and brunch bites, Mae Dunne will offer  an array of savory & sweet brunch eats. Starting with El Morillo, a dish named after Mae’s ranch in Saltillo, Mexico. The dish features a blend of slow cooked pulled beef, homemade BBQ sauce, coleslaw, pickled shallots, brioche bread and is served with parmesan truffle fries. Alongside classics like the Breakfast Sandwich & Crab Cakes, andMae spins on quintessential brunch staples such as the Short Rib & Crab Cake Bennies. Additionally, there’s Burrata Toast, Goat Cheese Salad, and Turkey Pesto Avocado Sandwich on offer. With a decadent Tres Leches to seal the deal.


Local Brunch Restaurant
Crab Cake Bennies


Awesome Cocktails

To elevate their experience, guests can indulge in creative sips like the Elderflower Margarita & Lavender Lemon Drop Martini or stick to the essentials with the Empress White Lady & Amaretto Sour. All while meeting new friends at the Morning Mingle Happy Hour, available Tuesday-Sunday from 8am-10am. Where patrons can enjoy $3 off cocktails & rotating food specials.


Local Brunch Restaurant


What’s in a Name?

Mae Dunne is a brunch restaurant named after the owner’s Great Great Grandmother. Their story starts with her story; an American woman living in Mexico, enamored by both cultures, and integrating them into her lifestyle. Everything from food to their products reflect her love and passion for togetherness. Patrons can grab a table, or sit on the patio and dig into the dishes the owners grew up enjoying.


Local Brunch Restaurant
Breakfast Sandwich


Starts March 1st

The new menu and Morning Mingle Happy Hour will be available starting Friday, March 1st.




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More Information:

Mae Dunne is a Mexican-American restaurant. Inspired by the home cooking traditions of the owners’ family, local ingredients, and a passion for gathering around the table. Inside the restaurant, they sell quality home goods. All products are displayed and used throughout the space, creating a sense of home with a dialogue between artisanal objects, food, and nature.


Mae Dunne


23702 I-10, Suite 108, San Antonio, TX 78257


(210) 905 0797

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