Live Fire Pit Master Created His Own Brand of Amazing Seasonings

Live Fire Pit Master


Live Fire Pit Master, Al Frugoni, Sets the World Ablaze with His Chimichurri Rubs



Live fire pit master, Al Frugoni of the Al Frugoni Brand is the Argentinian open fire pit master who has become a TikTok and social media sensation, now followed by nearly two million people worldwide.
What is Live Fire Cooking
“In Argentina, live fire cooking is a big part of our lifestyle, which is probably why I automatically felt an affinity for Texas and Texans, who love backyard barbecues and grilling all kinds of meat as much as I do,” says Frugoni.
What started out as a lark during the pandemic as a way to keep himself entertained just as much, if not more, than his followers, has turned into a massively influential brand in the realm of live fire, or open fire, cooking.
Live fire cooking is a method of cooking food over embers (wood or charcoal) that have burned down into white ashes but, of course, it all starts with a blazing fire.
Live Fire Pit Master
“Grilling saved my life,” says Frugoni. “I’m an entrepreneur and when the pandemic hit, all of my business came to a screeching halt like so many of us. I could hardly drag myself out of bed some days, but it was my wife who said, let’s do asado tonight, which is what we call it in Argentina. I started making videos and my daughter, who was ten at the time, showed me how to post on TikTok and the rest is history.”
Live Fire Pit Master
Fast forward a few years and Al Frugoni has evolved far beyond the status of influencer. He’s a pit master and chef who participates in first-class events and TV appearances and his website and other platforms have become a one-stop shop for live fire enthusiasts.
Thanks to his live fire wizardry, mouthwatering creations and charming personality, Frugoni has indubitably become a beloved expert people trust for advice on grills and other cooking equipment. But wait, it gets better!
Al Frugoni is now proud to introduce his own line of Argentinian-style rubs and seasonings specifically designed for live fire cooking, including an Original ChimichurriSpicy ChimichurriTX.SP (Texas Salt & Pepper) and Salt Parrillera (Grilling Salt).
Live Fire Pit Master
Where to Find It
The Chimichurris can already be found in over 100 BBQ stores and other retail and grocery stores across the country, including Central Market, the high-end sister store of H-E-B.
“I created the Chimichurris because I wanted to share my culture and what better way than with this signature Argentinian sauce,” says Frugoni. “Initially, I started promoting it as a rub because that’s Texas, but it can be used to make the ultimate chimichurri sauce in minutes, not hours. Now, people are doing all kinds of crazy stuff with my rubs!”
From steak to chicken wings, tacos, salmon and spicy mushrooms, there’s no limit to what Al Frugoni’s Chimichurri seasonings can do for food. They’re for everybody – carnivores or vegetarians/vegans, and are non-GMO and keto-friendly, making them the perfect addition to any meal and a versatile staple in every cook’s pantry.
As chimichurri sauces, Frugoni explains it’s the precise balance of herbs and spices that makes them so exceptional, surprising most people as to how fresh and delicious yet easy they are to make.
Live Fire Pit Master
Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Al Frugoni always had an entrepreneurial spirit, but never imagined that his favorite pastime in Argentina, el asado, would one day become his livelihood.
If it weren’t for a Texas girl that Al met and fell in love with in Morroco many moons ago, he might not be where he is today, living and working in the San Antonio area, but still visiting Argentina with his family whenever possible.
Today, Al Frugoni is considered one of the culinary world’s most prominent live fire grilling experts and blends both Argentine and American barbecue cultures to teach his followers the joys of asado and inspire them on their own cooking adventures.
Frugoni’s jalapeño popper empanadas and creative takes on burgers are fun cross-cultural fusions, but when cooking asado for family and friends in Texas, Frugoni enjoys serving more traditional cuts of meat. Check out his videos to see for yourself!
For more information on Al Frugoni and his line of products, please visit alfrugoni.comTikTok & IG: @alfrugoni
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