Giving Back to “Friends of Hospice” with a Specialty Pizza Throughout February


Giving Back to “Friends of Hospice” with the Limited-Time Garbo’s Lobster Pizza




Favorite pizza spot, Via 313, is having a tasting op & giving back to “Friends of Hospice” with the limited-time Garbo’s Lobster Pizza.



Via 313, an authentic Austin-based Detroit-style pizza concept that debuted in the Alamo City in 2022, is dishing out a fan-favorite specialty throughout February, the Garbo’s Lobster Pizza.
This one-of-a-kind pizza features rich butter poached lobster, bacon, cheese, arugula and Old Bay’s seasoning. Most importantly, a portion of profits from the Lobster Pizza will be donated to Friends of Hospice – a San Antonio nonprofit dedicated to educating the community about hospice services through various local events and activities with a goal of continuing and expanding superior hospice care.




Warm up with their limited-time seasonal drinks! Try the Mexi-Mint Hot Chocolate (Tequila, Rumple Minze, and delicious hot chocolate) or the flavored Hot Toddies Brown Sugar available in TX.




  • A portion of the profits from Via 313’s monthly pizza specials are always donated to local charities through their Better Giving Through Pizza initiative.
  • Via 313’s Better Giving Through Pizza is an ongoing initiative created to give back and has since donated over $200,000 to more than 45 charities, including some in Texas. The profits received from San Antonio’s Garbo’s Lobster Pizza sales will be donated to Friends of Hospice.
  • Friends of Hospice’s mission is to educate members of the organization and the community about hospice services, promote and publicize the hospice message through various community events and activities, and to raise funds in support of continuation and expansion of superior hospice services.
Before Detroit-style pizza became a hit outside of the Motor City, trailblazers Brandon and Zane Hunt decided to bring their hometown pizza to Austin, Texas. Since 2011, they’ve built an Austin icon that locals and tourists flock to for genuine Detroit-style pizza. Via 313 currently operates 17 full-service restaurants and two permanently placed trailers throughout Texas and the Salt Lake City area, with several more locations in the pipeline. Via 313 was dubbed “one of the very best pizzas” by Food and Wine Magazine,named “Independent Pizzeria of the Year” by Pizza Today™ and recognized as one of the “Top 10 Pizzas in America” by Food Network.
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What’s in a name: Via 313— via meaning “by way of” and 313 being the area code of Detroit = Detroit pizza.

Detroit-style pizza is known for its rectangular shape and sauce across the top. Baked in a heavy pan similar to the auto parts trays found in Detroit in the 1940’s, the light, focaccia-like dough develops a golden crunch on the bottom. On top, cheese is spread to the very edge, so you can enjoy every bit… right to your fingertips. Sauce is ladled on just before serving, ensuring the cheese and dough crisp up perfectly during the bake.

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