Gifts for Texas Wine Lovers and How to Pair Them for the Holidays

Gifts for Texas Wine Lovers


Gifts for Texas Wine Lovers and a Few Suggestions on Pairing Them at Your Party



Christmas is just three weeks away so here are gifts for Texas wine lovers! Here are a few suggestions on Texas wines for the wine lovers this holiday, as well as notes on what kind of foods they’ll pair well with at the Christmas dinner table. Note: selecting good wines is all about choosing wines that complement a wide variety of flavors, instead of choosing a wine for each dish on the table. Here is a list of outstanding wines from Texas and what they will pair well with this holiday:



Rivenburgh Wine 2021 Vermentino – This light and crisp white wine is an incredibly versatile choice for the holiday table. Vermentino with its intense notes of fresh apple and zippy acidy let it be a perfect pairing with soft cheeses like brie plus mild cheddar and gouda, as well as light meat dishes such as fish or chicken tacos, roast veal, seafood, lamb, pork sausages, and pork tenderloin. 
Gifts for Texas Wine Lovers
Kerrville Hills Winery 2020 Tannat – Kerrville Hills Winery Tanat is a great choice of a fruity red wine with raspberry and dried fruits flavors, bold vanilla, wet stone, and tamed tannins. Its right at home with a wide variety of holiday dinner table items including roast duck, stuffing, and side dishes like sweet potatoes. 
Texas Heritage Vineyard 2019 Merlot – The silky smooth texture, bright black cherry flavors and round nature of this Merlot makes it a great accompaniment with most dishes, from meats and gravy to sweet-tart cranberry sauce. This fruit-forward wine is a crowd pleaser with light tannins that make it a versatile wine for the dinner table.
Gifts for Texas Wine Lovers
Texas Heritage Vineyard 2019 Petite Sirah – For a non-traditional dinner, the lush flavors and bold personality of Petite Sirah is a welcome choice. This beautiful, big red wine with blueberry and spiced blackberry flavors is an outstanding complement to full-flavored holiday foods like grilled lamb or roast pork.
Wedding Oak Winery 2020 Tioja – This is an elegant, fruity red wine with bright fragrances of plum, black cherry, earth and smoke. It has tart cherry flavors, and a rich plum finish. Tioja is a wonderful wine for the holiday dinner table, with fresh acidity that loves the rich fat of dark meat dishes and gravy. This wine was recently awarded a Double Gold medal and Texas Reserve Class Champion at the 2022 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Wine Competition.
Gifts for Texas Wine Lovers
Wedding Oak Winery Late Harvest Riesling – Holiday chocolate, pecan, and pumpkin pies are a staple of the season, and nothing is better with pie than an off-dry dessert wine. This Late Harvest Riesling has rich aromas of apricot, peach, tangerine, saffron, and flint with honey flavors with good acidity to balance the sweetness. It was recently recognized with a Gold Double Gold medal at the 2022 Lonestar International Wine Competition and was rated a Texas Class Champion at the 2022 San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo Wine Competition. 
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