First Mexican Hard Agua Fresca Releases a New Variety Pack + New Flavor

First Mexican Hard Agua Fresca


First Mexican Hard Agua Fresca, Picadas, Releases New Variety Pack with Brand New Flavor




 Picadas, the first Mexican hard agua fresca, released a new variety pack of 12 cans with four different flavors, including a brand-new flavor, Piña (pineapple), which is found exclusively in the variety pack. The original flavors—Limonada, Mango and Guava—are included in the pack. Made from a family recipe, Picadas combines real fruit juice with alcohol from cane sugar to create a hard agua fresca that embodies the bold, authentic flavors of Mexico.

The Mexican ready-to-drink beverage was released in the United States in January 2023 to 200 H-E-B stores across Texas and, since then, has seen rapid growth. Picadas is now available at all H-E-B stores and has added multiple other retailers in Texas, including Bucee’s, Quick Trip in North Texas and Total Wine.


First Mexican Hard Agua Fresca


Picadas was founded in Monterrey, Mexico, in 2021 by Hugo Martinez, a local who –– like everyone in Mexico –– grew up enjoying homemade aguas frescas with his family. Martinez was pursuing an MBA at Stanford when he became captivated by the ready-to-drink cocktail craze. Martinez began selling Picadas at mercados and local farmers’ markets in Monterrey. As the drink gained popularity and word began to spread around the country, Martinez formed strategic partnerships that got Picadas into stores like Vinoteca, H-E-B, Soriana, Chedraui and other Mexican chains. Martinez partnered with Austin-based Redbud Brands to expand Picadas to its first U.S. market.


First Mexican Hard Agua Fresca


“I’m incredibly proud to see how Picadas has resonated with consumers. Based on the success of six-packs, we knew it was time to expand into the variety 12-pack, ” said Hugo Martinez, founder of Picadas. “It is a testament to the strong appeal for Mexican products, embraced not only by Mexicans but by everyone in the U.S. We are thrilled to launch this new Piña flavor and variety pack to continue to offer more unique, authentic Mexican flavors to our customers.”


First Mexican Hard Agua Fresca


Picadas blends its juice in small batches, allowing it to retain a bold, fruit-forward flavor, with no need for artificial additives. The mixture is then sweetened with agave, and cane sugar alcohol is added. Every 12-ounce can contains 130 calories and 4.5% alcohol by volume. In addition to the newly released variety 12-pack, six-packs of individual flavors are available at all retail stores. Each pack is accompanied by an Individually portioned packet of spicy chili salt to place on the rim and enjoy with each sip. Six-packs retail for $10.99, and variety packs retail for $19.99.


First Mexican Hard Agua Fresca


To learn more about Picadas and where you can find it, visit and follow @drinkpicadas on Facebook and Instagram.



About Picadas


Picadas is a ready-to-drink, hard Mexican agua fresca made with real fruit. The name Picadas comes from the word “piquete,” the Spanish slang for “spiked.”

Produced in small batches, each 12-ounce can contains 130 calories or less and a 4.5% alcohol by volume. A packet of chili lime salt accompanies every pack of Picadas to enjoy on the rim in classic Mexican style. Picadas aims to showcase the vibrancy of Mexico with four distinctive flavors: Mango, Limonada, Guava and Piña.

Founded by Stanford Business School graduate Hugo Martinez, Picadas is the culmination of his quest for a drink that faithfully re-creates the taste he grew up with in Mexico. Martinez is a serial entrepreneur who’s founded multiple companies, including Acapella, one of Latin America’s most successful direct-to-consumer apparel brands. To create Picadas, he partnered with Redbud Brands, a venture company and investment fund dedicated to supporting passionate entrepreneurs and fueling the development of disruptive consumer brands.

Picadas are available in multiple retail stores across Texas, including H-E-Bs, Bucee’s, Quick Trip (in North Texas) and Total Wine. Six-packs retail for $10.99, and a variety 12-pack retails for $19.99. To learn more about Picadas, visit Follow Picadas on Instagram @drinkpicadas and Facebook at @drinkpicadas.





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