Capture a FREE DQ Sandwich Treat April 8th Celebrating the Eclipse

Capture a FREE DQ Sandwich Treat


Capture a FREE DQ Sandwich Treat April 8th While Celebrating the Total Solar Eclipse




Capture a Free Dairy Queen Sandwich Treat April 8th (Total Solar Eclipse day) for an out of this world delight!


Capture a FREE DQ Sandwich Treat



A total solar eclipse will cross Texas on April 8 and for many Texans, the skies will go completely dark as the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth blocking the face of the Sun. During this celestial event, which occurs only once every 375 years in any given place, Dairy Queen restaurants in Texas will celebrate by offering a free DQ® Sandwich Treat while supplies last at participating restaurants.


Solar Eclipse

Monday, April 8th



All participating Texas Dairy Queen locations through the DQ Texas mobile app


For more than 75 years, DQ restaurants in Texas have been friendly, gathering spots where fans enjoy delicious treats and eats and create fond memories. To be the first to learn about Blizzard of the Month flavors, new product news from the Texas Dairy Queen Operators’ Council or find a store location, follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook or visit


Capture a FREE DQ Sandwich Treat


While there, you might want to try their Carolina Reaper Taco®




Texans have loved the crispy goodness of the Texas T-Brand Tacos® at DQ® restaurants in the Lone Star state for decades as a beloved culinary tradition. And, while DQ restaurants in Texas will continue to serve up the classic-style tacos, they’ve upped the ante for those who savor a little more fire. Introducing the Carolina Reaper Taco®, available only at DQ restaurants in Texas.




About Carolina Reaper Taco

The Carolina Reaper Taco combines the intense heat of a thousand Texas summers with a sizzling lightning bolt from a West Texas storm, then finishes it off with the kick of a wild mustang to create the spicy deliciousness of the Carolina Reaper Taco.




Each taco starts with a crispy corn shell filled with Carolina Reaper-infused Monterey Jack cheese, seasoned ground beef, crisp lettuce and ripe tomatoes. The tacos are topped off with a cool cilantro lime crema sauce to complete the legendary flavor of the Carolina Reaper Taco.


Capture a FREE DQ Sandwich Treat


FYI The Blizzards for April are the Frosted Animal Cookie and the Brownie Batter!! Just saying….





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