Awesome Snack Food Can Now Be Found in Many Favorite Texas Stores

Awesome Snack Food


Awesome Snack Food, Low And Slow Snacks, are Now Available Across Texas




Low and Slow smoked chips, an awesome snack food, is making its way across Texas. Low and Slow is a Dallas, Texas born, bred, and raised brand. Think of them as a BBQ joint but instead of smoking meat, they are smoking chips. These chips are made by burning real hickory wood giving them the true BBQ taste you would expect to find from a real pitmaster. They are the first ever line of BBQ chips authentically smoked, creating the most unique taste and blend all in one snack. In fact, Low and Slow CEO & Founder, Jared Drinkwater, spent four years traveling around Texas working with different pit masters to get the best, most authentic, Texas made snack.



In Texas we know to barbeque anything you have to smoke it low and slow with real hickory chips. This is the only way to make sure it gets that real smokey flavor. So that’s what they do with this authentic BBQ snack food brand. They make sure it gets drenched in lots of real hickory smoke before they cover the chips in their secret rub. And they don’t use just any rub, oh no! This rub has been perfected over years of taste trials.


Awesome Snack Food


You will crave all three flavors!


Low And Slow comes in three different snacks:


Hickory Smoked BBQ Potato Chips


Awesome Snack Food


Hickory Smoked BBQ Corn Chips

Hickory Smoked Tortilla Chips


Awesome Snack Food


“As soon as I opened each bag of these Low and Slow chips, it smelled like I had just walked into one of my favorite BBQ joints. I love that pit barbeque smell! My favorite eat right from the bag chips were the potato, but I love the tortilla chips with a hot bowl of queso or some fresh guacamole.”


You can buy these chips in select AlbertsonsH-E-B, Randalls, and Tom Thumb across Texas.


Awesome Snack Food


These Low and Slow smoked chips are the perfect thing for Labor Day gatherings and for any fall tailgate parties you might be planning. And I am also thinking of topping that bowl of Texas Chile with Smoked BBQ Corn chips at the onset of the first cold snap.


Awesome Snack Food


Low and Slow is a Dallas, born, bred, and raised brand, but devoured everywhere!



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