Amazing BIGGEST Small Farm and Food Event is Almost Here

amazing BIGGEST


Amazing BIGGEST Small Farm & Food Event in Texas & Beyond is Happening Soon!



You are invited to join this amazing BIGGEST Small Farm & Food Event:

Farmers and Ranchers Freedom Alliance (FARFA), Small Producers Initiative at Texas State University (SPI) and the Council for Healthy Food Systems (CHFS) are proud to announce their momentous collaborative event, the 17th annual Southern Family Farmers and Food Systems Conference will be held this year on August 6-8, 2023 at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas.
amazing BIGGEST
The conference, which is now accepting Early Bird Registration at a discounted rate until June 30, 2023, aims to make an extraordinary impact on our food systems through fascinating educational workshops and illustrious speakers like Ray Archuleta from the Kiss the Ground documentary, networking opportunities, local vendors and so much more.
“This is really the largest conference in Texas and beyond for independent, regenerative farmers and ranchers and anyone who’s interested in building a resilient local food system,” says FARFA Founder, Judith McGeary.
It’s important to note that the SFFFS Conference is Open to the Public. Although farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, gardeners, industry professionals, food businesses and the like will be in attendance, this conference is also for food enthusiasts, parents, college students and all who support growing and eating healthy local foods.
“We encourage everyone who cares about their food and where it comes from to join us this year at the Southern Family Farmers and Food Systems Conference,” says McGeary. “Whether you’re just wanting to learn how to start raising food organically, successfully market and grow your food business or you’re ready to make a difference in the health and wellness of your community and, ultimately America, this conference is for you.”
2023’s Southern Family Farmers and Food Systems Conference serves two major roles. Firstly, it’s curated to offer a range of vital information and tools for our local farmers, ranchers and food businesses on how to raise crops and livestock regeneratively, successfully run a small farm or small food business and market their goods – everything that’s needed to truly rebuild our local food systems.
amazing BIGGEST
Attendees also get critical information about the big picture issues – economic, social and political – that mean the difference between success and failure for the whole system and guidance on how they can effectively implement change. 
Secondly, it’s also an invaluable resource for connecting. The conference fosters an environment ripe with ideas and momentum for extraordinary growth with like-minded individuals and passionate pioneers in our community. 
“As many people saw during COVID, our current food system relies on what is really a very fragile approach dominated by a few large companies who have prioritized profit over any other value when it comes to producing, distributing and selling food. What we need is a robust values-driven food system that ensures food is raised in ways that preserve and enhance our natural resources, are healthy for the people raising and eating it and can function well through any crisis. That’s what we mean when we talk about rebuilding our food systems and what this conference is about,” says McGeary.

amazing BIGGEST


– Meet Ray Archuleta, Certified Professional Soil Scientist featured in renowned  documentary, Kiss the Ground

– Enhance your knowledge and skills with 3 days of high-quality education focused on small- to medium-scale AG and regenerative production

– Opportunities to network and collaborate with farmers, ranchers, industry leaders, farm support organizations and agricultural businesses

 – Keynote speaker, Gary Nabhan, ethnobiologist, and other plenary speakers to inspire and inform

 – Pre-conference workshops and small group consultation halls for more in-depth learning

 – 7 Integral Learning Tracks Addressed: Crops, Livestock, Business & Marketing, The Big Picture (social/economic/policy), Start-up/Homesteader, Research, and Niche Topics

 – Exhibit hall with 35+ vendors serving farmers & ranchers

 – Silent Auction with food and agriculture goodies

– Banquet Dinner 

amazing BIGGEST



August 6-8, 2023                   


Texas State University

San Marcos, Texas


FARFA is a national nonprofit organization that supports independent family farmers and protects a healthy and productive food supply for American consumers. FARFA promotes common sense policies for local, diversified agricultural systems.




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