Twang + Alamo Brewing Company Create Exciting Pickle Michelada



Twang & Alamo Brewing Company, Two San Antonio-Based Companies, Collab to Create a New Ready-to-Drink Beverage


Alamo Beer Co. and Twang combine their specialties in a limited-edition, pickle michelada beer!



 Pickle lovers rejoice! Chances are you’ve heard about the hype around pickle beer. Now, Twang and Alamo Beer Co., are excited to announce the limited release of its spicy, tomato-based cousin, Special Dill-ivery Miche.
Two iconic San Antonio brands have come together to co-create the first canned, ready-to-drink, pickle michelada! Combining Alamo Beer’s lager with Twang’s Reserve Michelada Pickle Mix, the unique flavor combination of dill, vegetable juices, organic Worcestershire sauce, real lime juice, ancho chilis, and cold Light Lager is perfect for a San Antonio summer. Plus, you can pump up the pickle power by adding Twang’s new pickle beer salt to add a little extra flavor to your Miche.
This special limited offering is sold in 6-pack cans at grocery stores across San Antonio, and in local bars and restaurants, including Alamo Beer Co. Kitchen + Beer Hall.
About Twang:
In 1986, Twang Founder Roger Treviño Sr. left his career after experiencing an epiphany while on a business trip in Mexico. Visiting a Mexican street vendor selling citrus salt, he was reminded of his childhood in San Antonio with its abundance of Latino flavors. He returned home inspired to create a variety of flavored salts to share with friends and family. Launching the Twang business out of his family garage and together with the Treviño children to help, his first product (and claim to fame) was Twang Beer Salt, an integral product in the Southern trend of “dressing” beers and other libations. From these humble beginnings, the Treviños have since expanded Twang product lines into flavored salt for food, cocktail rimmer blends, michelada mix, and more to come!
About Alamo Beer Co.:
Served across local bars and restaurants and available at neighborhood retailers and grocers, Alamo Beer Co. has poured pure and honest San Antonio craft beer since 2003.
The Alamo Beer Co. Beer Hall + Kitchen, which opened in 2015, is located a mile from its namesake, The Alamo, in Eastside Downtown San Antonio. Family and pet-friendly, Alamo Beer Co. Beer Hall + Kitchen regularly hosts events. Alamo Beer Co. prides itself on its commitment to quality, service, and sustainability.
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