This Bourbon Slush Distillery Family Recipe is a Way to Stay Cool

This Bourbon Slush


This Bourbon Slush Drink from Maverick Whiskey is Made with a Tried and True Distillery Family Recipe!



This bourbon slush beverage is made by San Antonio-based Maverick Whiskey Distiller. Owners, Dr. Kenneth and Dr. Amy Maverick, are excited to share their family drink recipe for crafting a Maverick Whiskey Bourbon Slush at home — just in time to beat the summer heat. Maverick Whiskey products are accessible as distributed by Republic National Distribution Company throughout Texas, and the distillery ships to 41 states across the U.S.A.


This Bourbon Slush


Maverick Whiskey Bourbon Slush Recipe 

(made using Sam Maverick Spirits Straight Bourbon Whiskey)


This Bourbon Slush



  1. Boil together 4 standard sized tea bags with 2 cups of water.
  2. Add 1 ½ cups of sugar and 7 cups of water.
  3. Mix in:




Mix the ingredients together well, pour into in a container with a tight-fitting lid, and freeze. After frozen and ready to use, scoop into glasses. Garnish with a Luxardo cherry or a sprig of mint. For those who prefer an extra-strong kick, add a bourbon floater on top of the drink. Enjoy!





This Bourbon Slush


Maverick Whiskey’s Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey is distilled from a mash of Texas-grown Corn and Rye. Aged a minimum of 2 years in new Charred White Oak Barrels, this Bourbon is proofed to 88 (44% alcohol by volume) using Reverse Osmosis filtered water so that it sips nicely neat yet holds up on-the-rocks or in your favorite Whiskey cocktail. This Bourbon is non-chill filtered ensuring the true bold flavor of this Texas Whiskey.


The nose is very sweet with notes of Crème Brûlée, caramel, and stone fruit. Charred oak is prevalent as well. The palate is delightfully smooth with notes of sweet black tea, cola, and cinnamon. The finish, while silky, has the peppery bite of Rye and a touch of menthol. Great served neat in a Glencairn or in a nice Old Fashioned complete with Luxardo Cherry.


Bourbon lovers can find out where to purchase a 750 ML bottle by using the “find our spirits” store locater on Maverick Whiskey’s website: Bottled spirits can also be purchase directly online from Maverick Whiskey and shipped to 41 states in the U.S.A via


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