New Music Video Series with Famous Texas Band and Amazing Texas Beer

New Music Video Series


New Music Video Series called “The Road to the Cosmic Rodeo” Follows Texas Country Band Shane Smith & The Saints on Tour



A Texas New Music Video Series, “The Road to the Cosmic Rodeo” will be followed by a live show headlined by Shane Smith and The Saints.  Lone Star Brewing and Sendero Provisions Co. have announced the new online Texas music video series.


New Music Video Series


Lone Star Brewing and Sendero Provisions, two Texas brands join forces to celebrate Texas musicians and the great outdoors through a digital content series ending in a live recorded show in Luckenbach Texas, which will be announced at a later date. The content series “The Road To The Cosmic Rodeo” follows Shane Smith & The Saints, a rising Texas Country band out of Austin, TX, throughout their tour, playing a live recorded music video in the great outdoors. A second phase of the The Road to The Cosmic Rodeo will launch later this summer with sessions from other up-and-coming Texas acts such as Jonathan Terrel, Briscoe, Kathryn Legendre, Wilderado and others. The first video from the series was released today and can be found HERE.



“Lone Star Beer has a storied history as a champion for Texas music,” said Lone Star Beer Senior Brand Manager Daniel Crawford. “The 60’s/70’s Cosmic cowboy generation has always been an iconic chapter for the brand, with this collaboration we hope to reignite our stewardship of the next generation of Texas Music. We believe this lineup of artists are a wonderful representation of the next generation of cosmic cowboys.”


Shane Smith & The Saints is a popular band in the Texas country music scene that has recently gained even more notoriety after their song “All I See Is You” was featured in an episode of the popular Paramount show Yellowstone. The release dates for Shane Smith & The Saints’ video series are as follows:


New Music Video Series


July 7, 2022 – “Quite Like You” – Filmed in Austin, TX


July 28th – “Right Side of The Ground” – Filmed in North Charleston, SC


August 18, 2022 – “Hummingbird” – Filmed in Morrison, CO


Early October, 2022 – Unreleased track – Filmed in Morrison, CO


“Two things in Texas are certain: good Texas music and cold Lone Star Beer,” said Sendero Founder/CEO Hunter Harlow. “We’re more than stoked to hang our hats in the modern era of the cosmic cowboy, both literally and figuratively, with Texas icons like Lone Star Beer and Shane Smith and the Saints. It’s going to be a fun ride, so saddle up!”


The video series can be viewed for free on both Sendero’s Youtube Channel and Shane Smith and The Saints Youtube Channel. The date of the live Luckenbach show will be announced at a later date. For more information, visit Lone Star’s website and follow along on Lone Star’s Instagram and Facebook. To learn more about Sendero, visit their website and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

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