New Hard Seltzer has Just Launched in the Great State of Texas

New Hard Seltzer


New Hard Seltzer is the First Fair Trade Certified Seltzer of its Kind, Just in time for October’s National Fair Trade Month



This new hard seltzer, Big Country® Organic Hard Seltzer, is the first and only hard seltzer to carry all three of the most distinctive and well-respected certifications in the food & beverage industry — USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Fair Trade Certified.  Big Country® is also a proud member of the Go Texan program, which supports Texas agriculture.



“I like it, not because it’s made in Texas (Go-Texan), or made with no sugar, or low in calories, or organic, or Fair Trade Certified and non-GMO verified. I like Big Country Organic Hard Seltzer because of it’s clean taste with hints of interesting and delightful fruit combinations. And it is already available in my favorite stores so I don’t have to go searching for it.”


New Hard Seltzer


The organic hard seltzer is made at Willard’s Brewery, the only Certified Organic brewery in Texas, located in Austin. Big Country® announced today the statewide launch of its hard seltzer’s new variety 12-packs with prominent placement in HEB, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, and Total WIne & More locations throughout Texas. The 12-packs showcase Big Country®’s recently refreshed package design and feature four new flavors –– Blackberry Grapefruit, Passionfruit Kiwi, Prickly Pear Peach, and Watermelon Pineapple.



Founder and CEO Bill Gillies started Big Country Foods Inc. as a supplier of organic ingredients over nine years ago. Gillies wanted to further his vision of bringing more clean ingredients to the market by providing consumers an organic hard seltzer, different from the rest. As a consumer, Gillies had always been selective about the ingredients in his food and drink. This personal concern led him to take what he calls “the path of most-resistance” when sourcing only the cleanest ingredients for Big Country®.




Big Country® Organic Hard Seltzer is the only Fair Trade Certified™ libation of its kind in the US. Their Fair Trade commitment means every can puts fair wages directly into the hands that harvested its ingredients. It also ensures farmers work in safe conditions, protect the environment, build sustainable livelihoods, and earn additional money to empower and uplift their communities.

Since 2013, Big Country has worked with partners in Paraguay to import ingredients including a variety of organic sugars. Now, their seltzers are brewed in Austin, Texas with organic alcohol from fermented Big Country Cane Sugar.

In 2020, Big Country® Foods Inc. welcomed Big Country® Beverages (@bigcountrybeverage) to their organic family of products. BCHS is thoughtfully crafted by their skilled brewmaster and artisan mixologist, who have used their combined 25 years of experience to create the most delicious and unique flavors on the market.

Each 12-ounce can contains 90 calories, 0g sugar, 4.5% ABV, and is gluten free.

Four Delicious Flavors:
  • Prickly Pear Peach ––Two of Texas’ favorites fruits come together to create a juicy and satisfyingly sweet pairing of cactus pear and sun-ripened peach. Truly unique and truly Texas.

  • Passion Fruit Kiwi –– The Southern hemisphere shines with tangy tropical passion fruit complementing the tart sweetness of ripe kiwi in this refreshingly balanced, citrus forward flavor.


New Hard Seltzer


  • Blackberry Grapefruit –– Rich, earthy blackberries mingle with the sharpness of fresh grapefruit to make this one of Big Country’s ® boldest flavors.

  • Watermelon Pineapple –– Bright, vibrant pineapple blends beautifully with notes of vine-ripened watermelon to showcase the tropical warmth of a long, Texas summer.


New Hard Seltzer


More Information

Big Country ® Organic Hard Seltzers are available in grocery and liquor stores statewide in Texas and retails for $18.99 per 12-pack. They’re also available for sale online in applicable states (valid ID required, 21+ only). To learn more about Big Country® Organic Hard Seltzers, visit and follow @bigcountrybeverage on Instagram.

New Hard Seltzer
Big Country – Enjoy the Journey

Big Country Organic Hard Seltzer is the only Fair Trade Certified™ libation of their kind in the US. By purchasing Big Country® Hard Seltzer, consumers are giving back through the Fair Trade USA® program, which supports safe working conditions for farmers, protects the environment, builds sustainable livelihoods, and allows farmers to earn additional money to empower and uplift their communities.

The Big Silence

Big Country is a proud sponsor of the The Big Silence Foundation, Inc., a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that provides resources and support to anyone directly or indirectly impacted by mental illness. They raise awareness, promote understanding, and aim to bring together people and organizations who want to improve public attitudes towards mental health and normalize conversations surrounding mental health topics and experiences. They have donated $10K towards this cause.

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.**

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