Mother’s Day will Pop This Year with a Special Bubbly

Mother's Day


Mother’s Day Should be Celebrated with a Special Bottle of Bubbly like the Vera Wang PARTY Prosecco


Make Mother’s Day POP! Take it from style icon and mother Vera Wang, that moms deserve a toast! For Mother’s Day, celebrate the Vera Wang PARTY way with a festive bottle of prosecco perfect for cheering to moms of all kinds this May!


Mother's Day
Photo Credit:: Till Janz


“Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the extraordinary gifts and efforts women all over the world have bestowed upon their loved ones, regardless of their title,” says Vera. “For me, I treasure having had the opportunity to raise my two beloved daughters as well as mentor so many generations of individuals I have encountered along the way. But most of all, it is the lessons I have learned and and hopefully share and celebrate every year on this special day, especially in remembrance of my own treasured mother, Florence Wu Wang.”


At $25, Vera Wang PARTY makes a great gift solo or to create a delicious brunch bramble! (recipe below)

Vera Bera Prosecco Bramble

Created by @in_time_for_cocktails


  • Vera Wang PARTY

  • 1.5 oz citrus vodka

  • 1 oz lemon juice

  • 0.25 oz simple syrup

  • 3 blackberries

  • 2 raspberries


Method: Muddle the berries in a glass. Add crushed ice. Shake with vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup with ice until chilled. Strain into glass with more ice. Add Vera Wang PARTY to your liking before topping with more ice. Garnish with very skewered berries and a dehydrated lemon wheel.

About Vera Wang Party


A premium Italian prosecco made for celebrating life’s moments, big and small.

As society reimagines what it looks like to gather, Vera Wang’s PARTY reimagines what it looks like to celebrate. It’s what Vera feels we could all use right now—a little bit of fun, a little bit of light, and a new way to mark life’s most important moments.


Mother's Day
Credit Courtesy of Vera Wang PARTY


Because, big or small, together or apart, every special occasion deserves to be celebrated. Let this be the life of your party.



This prosecco is 100% Glera harvested in the province of Vicenza in the Veneto region of northern Italy.


Pairing Suggestions:


Mother's Day
Aperol Spritz Credit Courtesy of Vera Wang PARTY


Vera Wang PARTY is perfect for any occasion, big or small, enjoyed well-chilled as an aperitif, paired with charcuterie, Parmesan cheese, salty snacks, fresh seafood dishes—especially sushi, fried chicken, pasta dishes with robust sauces or spicy Chinese takeout. Brunch more your style? Mix Vera Wang Prosecco with peach juice for the perfect Bellini that’s sure to keep the party going!

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