Mango Season is in Full Swing so Let’s Make Some Great Tasting Drinks

Mango Season


Mango Season is Always a Reason to Start Taste-Testing Some New Recipes



Mango season is a time to get in the kitchen. Whether you are a professional chef or someone who just likes to experiment with new recipes at home, mango give us reason to create. From fruit smoothies to ice cream, sauces for your favorite entrée or making a new refreshing cocktail, there is so much to create with this juicy, sweet fruit.


Here are some delicious cocktail recipes from YoCo Vodka. Made from corn, YoCo Vodka is all-natural, gluten free and uses activated carbon to create the best tasting, ultra-smooth vodka that is great to sip in a martini or mix for specialty cocktails like the ones below.


YoCo Vodka’s “Hot in Herre”

1 & ½ oz YoCo Vodka

½ oz Lime juice

¼ oz Mango puree

2-3 Muddled Fresh Jalapeños

Ginger beer: fill to top

Directions: Combine ingredients, muddle jalapenos, build on ice and top with Ginger Beer in a rocks glass.

Mango Season
Photo Credit: Madelynne Boykin of @BitesandBevsMedia
YoCo Vodka’s “So Fresh, So Clean”

2 oz YoCo Vodka 

½ oz St Germain  

2 slices Muddled Cucumber

2 slices Lime 

3 Mint leaves muddled 


Directions: Muddle ingredients together, shake well until you have little ice chips and serve in a Martini Glass.


Mango Season
Photo Credit: Madelynne Boykin of @BitesandBevsMedia


YoCo Vodka’s “Watermelon Suga”

1 & 1/2 oz YoCo vodka 

Watermelon slices

1/4 oz lime juice 

1-2 muddled slices of Watermelon

Splash of Soda water

1/2 oz watermelon liquor 

Fresh mint

Directions: Combine together, strain and serve.


Mango Season
Photo Credit: Madelynne Boykin of @BitesandBevsMedia


YoCo Vodka’s “Georgia Peaches” 

1 bottle Prosecco 

1/2 cup YoCo Vodka 

3/4 cup peach juice or apple juice

1 cup slices of peaches

3/4 cup muddled raspberries 

Directions: Combine ingredients in a pitcher and serve.




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