It’s Negroni Week So Try One Here or Make Them at Home

It's Negroni Week


It’s Negroni Week and Hotel Contessa is Offering Several Different Versions to Try or You Can Enjoy Making One at Home with One of These Recipes


It’s Negroni Week and Ambler Texas Kitchen + Cocktails, the elevated restaurant at Hotel Contessa featuring authentic Texas flavors, will participate in Negroni Week September 12 through September 18 with three specialty negroni cocktails available.
Negroni Week is an annual event presented by Imbibe and Campari featuring negronis and negroni variations around the world to benefit Slow Food, an organization that defends cultural and biological diversity, promotes food education and the transfer of traditional knowledge and skills, and advocates for more just and equitable policies.
Limited-time Negroni-inspired cocktails will be offered for $16 each during Negroni Week including Negroni Sbagliato – Chandon garden, Campari and Carpano Antica sweet vermouth; Negroni Blanco – Gin de Las Californias, Suze, Lillet blanc; and Strawberry Planes – Piggyback 6-year rye, strawberry Campari, Carpano Antica sweet vermouth.
But you may want to try your hand making a Negroni, Italy’s prized concoction, at home. The Negroni has been a top pick of many and as such, all kinds of spirits (not just the classically perfect gin) wanted to get in on the action. It’s so cherished, that it has a whole week dedicated to it (talk about a self-obsessed cocktail).
So have some fun and spice things up this year with some intriguing and tantalizing variations from iconic brands such as Dos Hombres, St. George Spirits, Woodford Reserve, Ilegal Mezcal.
It's Negroni Week

Dry Rye Negroni

1 oz St. George Dry Rye Gin

1 oz Bruto Americano

1 oz Carpano Antica Formula

Stir all ingredients with ice, then strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with orange peel.

Recipe by: St. George Spirits/twist on a classic


It's Negroni Week


Ilegal Negroni

0.75 oz Ilegal Mezcal Añejo

0.25 oz Dewar’s Ilegal Smooth

0.75 oz Tempus Fugit Gran Classico

0.75 oz Punt e Mes Vermouth

1 dash Saline Solution

Garnish: Orange Peel

Directions: Add all ingredients to a mixing glass filled with ice, and stir until well-chilled. Strain into a rocks glass or coupe over a large ice cube. Garnish with an orange peel.


It's Negroni Week


Dos Hombres Negroni

1.5oz. Dos Hombres Mezcal 

1 Smoked Orange Wheel 

1/4oz. Simple Syrup 

1oz. Campari 

2 Dashes Cayenne Pepper 

3/4oz. Sweet Vermouth


Directions: Add all ingredients into a mixing tin with ice. Shake and strain into a rocks glass. Enjoy!


It's Negroni Week


Woodford Reserve Boulevardier

3/4 oz. Woodford Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey

3/4 oz. Sweet Vermouth

3/4 oz. Campari®

Directions: Combine all ingredients to mixing glass, add ice and stir. Strain to tumbler over block ice. Garnish with an orange twist.



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