Interesting Viet-Cajun Eatery Adds Two New Sections to Their Menu

Interesting Viet-Cajun


Interesting Viet-Cajun Restaurant Introduces Must-Try New Menu Items



Interesting Viet-Cajun Restaurant, Crawfish Cafe, has added two new delicious sections to their menu.



Crawfish Cafe, a Texas-based Viet-cajun seafood restaurant with three locations in Houston, and one in San Antonio is introducing two new delicious sections to their menu, including several po’ boy options, and enhancing their classic garlic noodle dish to include several exciting new protein toppings.


Interesting Viet-Cajun


Po’ Boy Options


The new po’ boy options are offered with a variety of protein choices such as fried catfish, grilled shrimp, patton hot sausage, fried soft shell crab, and more. Guests can choose one side with each po’ boy, which includes but is not limited to choices like hush puppies, shrimp fried rice, or cajun fries.


Interesting Viet-Cajun


Garlic Noodle Options


Their signature garlic noodles dish made with cream sauce, a classic on the menu, now includes protein options. Guests can now order the dish with assorted seafood toppings like crawfish tails, whole lobster, king crab legs, and dungeness crab, just to name a few.


More Information:

Crawfish Cafe is an award winning, Viet-cajun seafood restaurant that was founded in 2013 by President Kiet Doung. His first location was established in the Chinatown district of Houston. After gaining a cult-following for his delicious cuisine by hungry Houstonians, he set out to expand the business. Now, he has three locations with the Houston market, as well as one location in San Antonio, TX. In October of 2022, he will expand nationally with his first location in Mesa, Arizona.

Interesting Viet-Cajun

Eclectic food options that guests can find at Crawfish Cafe are appetizers such as oyster nachos, crawfish cheese bread, and turkey neck. Traditional seafood boil options like crawfish, shrimp, lobster, black mussels, king crab legs, and more are offered as well. Each of these can be paired with a sauce and spice level of the guests choice. The restaurant is widely known for its incredible garlic butter sauce, among others. Alongside seafood boils and dishes outside of seafood like wings, customers are bound to find their favorites. To view the full menu, please click here.

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About Crawfish Cafe

At Crawfish Cafe they know delicious seafood! Crawfish is the signature item on their menu in 10 different awesome flavors! Crawfish Cafe opened in 2013 in Houston, Texas. Since then, they have been voted one of the best crawfish places in Houston and continue to serve viet-cajun crawfish and seafood to hungry locals daily.


Interesting Viet-Cajun


Indulge in their variety of nautical flavors including gulf blue crabs, clams, mussels, snow crab legs, king crab legs, dungeness crab, lobster, shrimp & more.

Visit one of three of their Houston area restaurants or check out their new locations in San Antonio, Texas & Mesa, Arizona.


Twitter @CrawfishCafe, Facebook @crawfishcafe and Instagram @crawfishcafe

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