If Dad Loves Libations Give Him the Gift of Whiskey for Father’s Day

If Dad Loves Libations


If Dad Loves Libations These Whiskies Make the Perfect Gift for Father’s Day



Whiskey is the perfect gift if dad loves libations. Here are a two incredible Texas bourbons you should consider for dad.



Milam & Greene Triple Cask Straight Bourbon


If Dad Loves Libations


Dad deserves a Double Gold medal-winning bourbonMilam & Greene Triple Cask Bourbon is distilled from 70% Texas corn, 22% Pacific Northwest malted rye from Oregon & Washington, 8% Wyoming barley, and a proprietary yeast recipe from Kentucky and Texas. Each bottle of Triple Cask is a batch of three hand-selected straight bourbon whiskies: 3 to 4-year-old premium Texas bourbon for a pop of spice, 3 to 5-year-old Kentucky bourbon for vanillas and fruits, married with vintage Tennessee bourbon for structure and tannins. This is a refined, elegant, classic bourbon that dad can savor on any occasion with a rich nose of vanilla, florals, and spice. It is creamy and soft, surprisingly smooth for a 94-proof spirit with a medium warm finish. Milam & Greene is distributed in 16 states and is available for purchase online with shipping to 36 states.



Samuel Maverick Barrel Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey 


If Dad Loves Libations
Maverick Whiskey_Samuel Maverick Barrel Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey


Maverick Whiskey ’s limited-edition Samuel Maverick Barrel Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a Certified Texas Whiskey has the gusto to make any dad happy. It is pot-distilled from a mash of 72% Texas-grown corn, 18% rye, and 10% malted barley, and aged a minimum of two years in new charred White Oak barrels. The Texas Barrel Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey is non-chill filtered and hand-bottled at 114 proof ensuring the true, bold flavor of sweet caramel balanced with just the right pop of spice. The charred oak gives the nose a deep earthiness with notes of vanilla and caramel. The palate is delightfully smooth with notes of sweet caramel, cola, and spices. The finish, while silky, has the peppery bite of rye and a touch of mint. The distillery is owned by, Kenneth Maverick, a direct descendent of Samuel Maverick, a famed defender of the Alamo. This whiskey is distributed in Texas and for purchase online with shipping in 41 states.



(Also from Maverick Whiskey Distillery):


Father’s Day Gift Crate
Visit the Retail Shop at 115 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78205 or shop online at https://maverickwhiskey.com.


Maverick Whiskey Distillery is able to customize gift crates to include your whiskey of choice and whichever Maverick merchandise you choose. Any whiskey-loving Dad will love and appreciate such a quality curated box filled with Maverick goodies! Visit the retail shop, shop online, or contact the distillery with any questions: (210) 447-7010.



BEARFACE Canadian Whisky for the Adventurous Dad


If Dad Loves Libations


BEARFACE Whisky is elementally aged in the Canadian wilderness. Forget what you thought you knew about Canadian whisky and get ready to experience the great northern outdoors in a new way. This is a whisky transformed by the wild.

BEARFACE works with the wilderness and its powerful natural elements to transform our whisky into something more wild and adventurous through Elemental Aging. Elemental Aging is our unique process where hand-selected oak casks are matured in repurposed shipping containers and exposed to the elements in the Canadian wilderness. The unique Canadian rules about whisky-making mean there is no better place on earth to innovate, experiment and create the unexpected.



BEARFACE Whisky is the perfect hiking companion, gift for the rugged explorer and base for earth-inspired cocktails.


BEARFACE Triple Oak is a single grain Canadian whisky matured for seven years in ex-bourbon American oak barrels, then aged in French oak red wine casks and air-dried virgin Hungarian oak. Find a bottle near you and try it neat or in a BEARFACE Wild Manhattan!

If Dad Loves Libations

The Wild Manhattan

The love child of the Toronto Cocktail and the Manhattan.


1.5oz BEARFACE Whisky
0.75oz sweet vermouth
0.25oz Fernet Branca
0.25oz sugar syrup
Orange peel for the twist
Cherry for garnish

To Craft

Add all ingredients to a mixing glass, fill the glass with ice and stir. Strain into a chilled coupe or martini glass, add a twist of orange and garnish with a cherry.

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