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Frankie J’s Food Truck Brings First-Ever Birria Egg Rolls to San Antonio



 Frankie J’s Fruit Bar & Grill, a food truck and catering company which currently pops up at the Alamo Ranch Pop Up Market every other Saturday and Sunday, is proud to announce their delicious new culinary creation, the Birria Egg Roll!




Birria, Birria

In recent months, Birria has taken the food scene by storm, yet few have mouths watering like Frankie J’sAlready known for their succulent Birria tacos and pizzadillas, which they make California-style, Frankie J’s is now ready to ‘wow’ their customers with this new Mexican-Asian fusion iteration.


Frankie J's
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Traditionally, Birria is a popular Mexican dish that originated in the state of Jalisco, in the town of Cocula. This savory meat stew is steeped in a melange of chiles and spices, which gives it a deep, rich, red hue. 



“We cook it low and slow using twelve different ingredients. It literally takes hours to cook, but it’s worth it. Our customers can tell the difference between our birria and others they’ve tried locally. It’s just so tasty!” says co-owner, Laura Acosta. 







Frankie J’s was created by husband and wife team, Frank Acosta Jr. and Laura Acosta, who are seasoned entrepreneurs with a passion for good food. Five years ago, they started out with a fruit cup stand in an effort to give their teenage daughter something productive to do, but the business quickly took on a life of its own. 



“We’re foodies – we eat a lot! Oftentimes, our house is full with dozens of family and friends, and we’re always cooking something fun and different for them to eat. Trust me, they come to eat!” says Laura. 


Agua Frescas


Frankie J's
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They launched the food truck during the pandemic with a menu featuring popular travel foods, from Acai Bowls to Fideo to Honolulu Sliders, made with pineapple, bacon and mayo. They also make a Ramen Birria that will knock your socks off! And yes, they still serve their signature fruit cups, along with refreshing and colorful agua frescas. 



“The pandemic really shifted things for us, but in a good way. We wanted to provide people with nostalgic bites that would make great to-go food,” says Laura. “We also wanted Frankie J’s to bring people together again as a family and a community, to remember togetherness and the importance of breaking bread, and I’m proud to say that we’ve done that in our own small way.” 



Besides serving food at the Alamo Ranch Pop Up MarketFrankie J’s offers catering throughout the week and for special events with and without the food truck, depending upon the needs of each unique event. 



What’s Next for Frankie J’s? “I’d like to start my own food truck park in San Antonio. There just aren’t enough options and versatility here, in my opinion. Whatever we do, I know we’ll continue to innovate and serve y’all some unforgettable food.” says Frank.


Frankie J's
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You can bet that’s a promise Frankie J’s is destined to fulfill!



Pop-Up Market



Alamo Ranch Pop Up Market, which takes place every Saturday (10 am to 4 pm) and Sunday (11 am to 4 pm), weather permitting, is located at 10919 Culebra Rd., San Antonio, TX 78253Frankie J’s will be there every other Saturday and Sunday.


Frankie J's
Photo credit: Alvarez Photography


For more information or to inquire about their catering services, follow them on social:



IG: frankiejsfruitbarandgrill

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