Pharma from the Farm Launches New Look and Supplements

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Pharma from the Farm Launches New Look and Supplements

Pharma from the Farm, a San Antonio Company, has a New Look & New Products for a Healthier Lifestyle

San Antonio-based Pharma from the Farm launched the company in 2017 with just one solid product – Black Garlic capsules, made from garlic sourced largely from Texas farms they work closely with, in order to ensure the highest quality black garlic.

New Products

Now, Pharma from the Farm is proud to announce the introduction of two new products – Black Ginger Capsules and Black Shallot Capsules, along with a new website and brand image. 

Owner, Stephen Paprocki, has been working diligently for years developing black garlic, originally for his company, Texas Black Gold Garlic, which sells a variety of black garlic products for culinary applications. It didn’t take long before Chef Paprocki discovered the extraordinary health benefits of black garlic and realized that it’s an ingredient that can and should be taken daily in capsule form. Thus began his foray into the natural vitamins industry as well. 

Pharma from the Farm

About the products

“It’s been really rewarding being able to create health products that are not only natural and pack a punch when it comes to your health but do as much good for our local farmers as it does for our bodies,” says Stephen Paprocki. 

After the success of the Black Garlic capsules, Stephen began exploring other ingredients he could age similarly and create healthful new products and is now able to share with the world Pharma from the Farms’ new products, Black Ginger and Black Shallot, which are also naturally vegan. 

By aging over low heat for several weeks, the ingredients are transformed thanks to the Maillard reaction, which is a chemical reaction between amino acids and reducing sugars that results in a caramelized color and delicious flavor, as well as a significant increase in antioxidants, just for starters.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our new Black Ginger and Black Shallot capsules, which have some really impressive health benefits. We tested them out ourselves, and can assure you they work great!” says Stephen. “In a time when boosting your immune system is of the utmost importance, we hope people will really appreciate these products.” 


Pharma from the Farm

Black Garlic has more than quadruple the antioxidants of raw garlic and contains S-allyl cysteine (SAC), which is reported to support healthy cell regeneration, immune system function and bacteria balance. Additionally, it powerfully supports healthy blood sugar levels, improves blood circulation and optimizes blood pressure balance. The health benefits are truly endless. 


Ginger is everywhere these days, from smoothies to stir frys but this delicious spice has so much more to offer than just flavor. Black ginger boosts the immune system, aids digestion and is anti-inflammatory. Interestingly, it’s also been reported to enhance libido and is a popular product for this purpose in China. 


Just like our black garlic, black shallot contains massive antioxidant power, thanks largely to allicin and, therefore, supports healthy immune system function, as well as mental and emotional balance, hormone balance and stress reduction. It’s also known to strengthen bones, nails and hair, for a shiny, healthy appearance. 

“One of the things we’re really proud of is the work we do with local farmers. We know our products are the best of the best, unlike the questionable products that are imported to the U.S. and often irradiated at the border. Due to the nature of the ingredients we’re working with, which are naturally organic, we don’t have to pay exorbitant fees for organic certifications. We get to pass those savings on to our customers without compromising the outstanding quality of our products,” says Stephen. 

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