Holiday Entertaining Made Easy with Amazing Artisan Foods

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Holiday Entertaining Made Easy with Amazing Artisan Foods

Holiday Entertaining Doesn’t Get any Easier When You Order Any of These Artisan Foods and Cocktails

Holiday Entertaining that make a no sweat Thanksgiving gathering with delicious artisan foods and cocktails and simplified serving that’ll leave you more relaxed and your guests impressed and delighted?

Meatcrafters Artisan Salami “World Tour” Or Full- Cooked Smoked and Brined Thanksgiving Turkey: 

This isn’t your grandfather’s stuffy sausage company! Purveyors of the most diverse and tasty all natural sausage and charcuterie with real ingredients, Meatcrafters offers a delicious and enticing selection of meats for entertaining or gifting!

One suggestion is the Salami “World Tour” Bundle which includes: Soppressata, Fennel. Cinta, Ararat, Chajari, and Pamplona. ($79.94)

For a stress free feast, the company also offers a fully cooked classic smoked turkey Their 11-13 lb. smoked turkeys are simply brined with salt and brown sugar, then smoked low and slow over our mix of apple, oak, and hickory wood for an exceptional flavor! The birds will be fully cooked in the smoker, so all you have to do is defrost and reheat! ($99)

Holiday Entertaining

​Clarkson Ave Crumb Cake Company: 

Who doesn’t love a ​moist, perfectly crumby, well-made​ crumb cake? Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes are the world’s best and make the perfect dessert for holiday gatherings and a wonderful gift idea! Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes are available in a variety of unique flavors like Classic, Blueberry, Salted Caramel, Blackout, & Brooklyn Joe. 

The best part is this year the company is allowing people create their own custom crumb cake creations through their brand new “crumbcakery” feature.  Here’s how it works… you can choose your cake flavor, you can then choose whether or not you’d like filler, spread, ganache and/or crumb!  

Clarkson Avenue Crumb Cakes are available as either a traditional cake or in their famous Crumbkins form, which are one-of-a-kind miniature crumb cakes and can be delivered anywhere in the U.S.  Clarkson has changed the crumb cake delivery game. This bakery even offers a Gluten Free cake. 

Holiday Entertaining

Do you have a special someone you really want to WOW? Do you need a delicious dessert for the holidays, ladies day, or birthday and you aren’t a baker? Let Clarkson Ave Crumb Cake company help! I tried their Brooklyn Blackout cake and it was fabulous.

It was so moist and full of the freshest ingredients. You could actually taste the butter and real Belgian chocolate in the cake. Topped with chocolate ganache and then a mountain of plump chocolate crumbs, it is truly a chocolate lovers dream. This rich chocolaty cake is just what those chocolate lovers have been craving!


We all know boxed wine is the way to go for holiday parties, but the cardboard container on the counter isn’t appealing. Enter Boxxle: the sleek, stylish, practical way to serve boxed wine at home.  The dispenser holds up to four bottles of wine or one boxed wine, and it uses new technology to dispense wine, elevating the experience both by offering a convenient and attractive way (one button touch) to pour boxed wine and by placing the spigot above the rim of the glass for easy dispensing. 

Boxxle will keep your wine fresh for up to a month if you do not finish all of it in one sitting, and prevents oxidation, which eliminates spoiled wine. Boxed wine sales are up more than 50% compared to this time last year​ and that trend will only continue! This is an amazing gift for any wine lover, too.​ Available at and Amazon.

Holiday Entertaining

Butter Hub: 

Introducing a smarter butter dish! For your upcoming feasts, this kitchen must-have has four features that make it stand out from others on the market. Butter Hub’s magnetic lid (to hold a knife), extended feet (to keep butter mess off the table), scoop ramps and a scrape edge comes in seven colors to match any kitchen décor.

With more than a 4.5 star rating, the simple look, lightweight, dishwasher safe and microwavable, BPA-free dish will keep your butter soft and ready for spreading – and your dinner guests will love it! andAmazon.

The Scottish Grocer: 

Fans of all things Scot will appreciate this one-stop shop online for authentic, traditional Scottish foods, beverages, treats, body care and home goods imported directly from Scottish manufacturers and artisans.  For nearly two decades this US-based, Scottish family-owned company has made it possible for US consumers to purchase specialty foods and products straight from Scotland. 

Some of the best sellers include: BAILEYS® Original Irish Cream Fudge CaramelsHouse of Edinburgh Shortbread, Mrs. Bridges Scottish Preserves, The Whiskey Delights Gift Set, Savory Scottish Shepherd’s and Meat Pies with a flaky, buttery crust, The Scottish Bee Company HoneyGardiners Traditional Scottish Butter Toffee, and authentic Scottish Haggis for delicious beef stew.

Holiday Entertaining

Salivation Brownies: 

These rich and indulgent keto-friendly, gluten-free brownies are heaven sent, yet devilishly delicious! The line  was created in collaboration with one of the country’s top pastry chefs and multiple keto experts. The result is big, decadent taste with low net carbs and low glycemic index because instead of sugar, Salivation combines a unique blend of the non-artificial sweeteners: allulose, erythritol, and monk fruit.

All brownies are free of artificial preservatives and are made with real ingredients like cocoa powder, almond flour, avocado oil, and flax seed which make them delectable without added sugar or artificial sweeteners. or

P​antryChic: ​

Say goodbye to those easy-to-lose, awkward-to-store measuring cups ​and upgrade to The PantryChic Smart Storage System – it will change the way you store and dispense all your baking ingredients this holiday season! This multifunctional kitchen appliance is truly in a category all its own.

This smart storage system stores dry ingredients in air-tight containers, perfectly measures recipe ingredients directly into the mixing bowl, auto-converts volume to weight, dispenses, and weighs ingredients – putting consistent results with less mess and waste at your fingertips. Affiliates: Rakuten, Skimlinks, VigLinks and Amazon.

Holiday Entertaining

Askanya Chocolate: 

Gourmet chocolate lovers and connoisseurs​ will savor the taste of​ Askanya Chocolates — Haiti’s first and only premier bean-to-bar chocolate company.  Askanya Chocolates are made exclusively with Haitian cocoa, which boasts some of the highest-ranked chocolate in the world!  The cocoa beans are then handcrafted into bars by women in Haiti. 

As a Black-founded and Black women-led company, Askanya Chocolates are dedicated to using the finest, all-natural ingredients directly sourced from a network of 3,000 Haitian Farmers who provide the finest cacao, sugar cane, limes, oranges, and cashew nuts. Offered in a variety of milk and dark chocolates.

From bean to bar, Askanya Chocolates are a true labor of love and provide direct revenue opportunities to Haitian farmers located in very rural areas.  All of the bars are gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, and preservative-free. There are also dairy-free and vegan options.  Grown in Haiti, Made in Haiti, Enjoyed Everywhere!  

Holiday Entertaining

Bravus Brewing Hand-Crafted, Premium Non Alcoholic Beer:

 For those party guests that want to enjoy the spirit of the party without worrying about the alcohol, ​Bravus is a refreshing​, award-winning​ non-alcoholic craft beer​.​ Bravus brews a wide variety of premium non-alcoholic craft beers to satisfy just about every beer lover and those thirsty to try something new. Bravus also pairs perfectly with all types of food.

Bravus looks like beer and, most importantly, tastes like beer because it is REAL beer. Bravus can produce craft beer styles that taste exactly like their alcoholic counterparts but with less than .5% ABV, thanks to a proprietary brewing process. Bravus is 100% vegan, dairy-free, low-cal, low sugar, and gluten-reduced. Bravus’s core line-up of beers includes a West Coast-inspired IPA, Oatmeal Stout, Amber Ale, and Blonde Ale; current seasonal releases include a Blood Orange IPA, Peanut Butter Stout, Raspberry Gose, and a Breakfast Stout.

Johnson’s Popcorn in Tubs, Tins and Baskets​: 

Put a tin of this sweet and savory popcorn on the table before dinner while everyone is mingling and it’s sure to be a hit! ​Johnson’s Popcorn ​is made on the ​beautiful Ocean City, New Jersey Boardwalk ​in​ ​yummy flavors like​ Caramel Corn, Salty-n-Sandy, Cheddar, Peanut Crunch, Chocolate Drizzle, Platinum, Butter and Tri-Flavor.  ​All products are gluten-free. ​

Holiday Entertaining

Tidbits Fun Bites Meringue Cookies​: ​

For a super simple, yet super delicious dessert look no further than these healthy meringue cookie bites. Available in Cookies and Cream, Cappuccino, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla​,​ Caramel, Cotton Candy​,​ Birthday Cake​ and​ Pumpkin Spice​​,​ Tidbits Fun Bites are sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, cholesterol-free, and non-GMO. Tidbits bite-sized treats come in a 40-piece resealable bag​. There’s also keto-friendly and diabetic-friendly varieties. and on Amazon.

O-Yaki Skewer System​:​ 

A fun addition to holiday hors d’oeuvres, make healthy, delicious kebabs with this stainless steel set that features a stand and nine 8- or 9-inch skewers. The O-Yaki Skewer System provides a more efficient way to cook food on skewers indoors in an oven OR outdoors on a grill allowing multiple skewers to be cooked at once without uneven cooking and loss of precious marinade juices. The innovative vertical design keeps food from touching or sticking to grill grates. Sold at: and on Amazon, Wayfair and The Grommet. 

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

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