Boozy Ball Makes it Easy to Gift Your Besties this Holiday

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Boozy Ball Makes it Easy to Gift Your Besties this Holiday

Boozy Ball Cookies are a Delicious Alcohol-Infused Cookies that Make Holiday Gift Giving Easy!

Boozy Ball Cookies for the holidays. Before you go searching the internet for the perfect holiday gifts for everyone on your list, might I suggest you consider a few of these soft, chewy and BOOOOOZY cookies.  I have tried a few of their flavors and vow that these are the best boozy cookies I have ever had.

If you have a lot of parties coming up, you’ll most likely need gifts, hostess gifts, party treats and Christmas presents. What better choice than some Boozy Ball Cookies. They are delicious, stylish and so much fun. One option for Thanksgiving is the new Gingersnap Spiced Rum Balls. Or perhaps a fall variety pack with the Pumpkin Spice Vodka, Maple Walnut Bourbon and Chocolate Peanut Bourbon Boozy Balls. Not only are they delicious but they look beautiful on the dessert table as well.

Variety Pack

Anyone who loves cookies will love these cookies and anyone who loves cookies with a boozy bite won’t be able to resist them. If you can’t figure out which mouth-watering cookie to try, go for our variety pack. They have so many delicious flavors to choose from and each one in infused with a quality liqueur. I was blown away by the flavors I tried when first asked to taste them.

Boozy Ball

Entertaining Tip:

Having a party? Order a few variety packs. You can cut each ball into quarters to make little bites for the guests and provide toothpicks. Each Variety Pack will create 48 delicious bite-sized pieces. This way your guest can try all three flavors without having to eat an entire cookie.

1st Batch of Samples

Salted Caramel Whiskey Boozy Balls – a blend of caramel, roasted pecans, a hint of sea salt teamed up with an Irish Whiskey

Espresso Coffee Liqueur Boozy Balls – made with espresso, toasted pecans, Coffee Liqueur and a touch of amber Jamaican dark rum

Irish Cream Boozy Balls – with toasted almonds, naturally creamy Irish Cream and genuine Irish Whiskey

All three flavors had an intense mouthful of the liquor without the after effects. Each was just enough sweet to finish off a meal or enjoy with a rich cup of coffee. It IS the dessert course!

I am ready to try some other flavors that Kerry and David Christensen, Boozy Ball owners, have developed.

2nd Sampling

This time it’s:

Cranberry Pistachio Vodka – Delectable pistachios with sweet dried cranberries infused with refreshing taste of vodka then rolled in sparkling sugar.

Boozy Ball

Lemon Drop Gin – A refreshingly light tasting treat combining lemon and fruity gin and rolled in yellow sugar to make an almond boozy ball reminiscent of spiked lemonade.

Boozy Ball

Gingersnap Spiced Rum – Warm, spicy cookie ball made with gingersnaps, toasted walnuts and premium Caribbean 100 proof spiced rum.

Boozy Ball

Oh my goodness, the flavor decisions are difficult, but I can assure you, you can’t go wrong. I can say for a fact there are no bad choices here. Go ahead, get several variety packs and try 6 different flavors! Enjoy them at room temperature, refrigerated or frozen.

Shop for Boozy Ball Cookies here. Or you can call them at: (866) 950-3397.


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**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

About Boozy Ball

Boozy Ball Cookies believe that every bite should count. They offer our discriminating customers a unique treat that your run-of-the-mill cookie can’t.  Boozy Ball Cookies brings cookies to a whole new level.  They’ve worked tirelessly to develop unique and tantalizing boozy treats, made with the freshest ingredients and care.  They’ve combined beloved old-fashioned and new unique cookies with liquors from around the world to develop cookies with tastes from the comforting chocolate chip to the exotic toasted coconut or margarita ball.

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