Tacos Cucuy is the New Truck in San Antonio

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Tacos Cucuy is the New Truck in San Antonio

Tacos Cucuy, San Antonio’s Newest Food Truck, Takes Tacos to the Next-Level with Heirloom Grains and Local Ingredients

Tacos Cucuy is the new taco truck concept by Chef Paul Morales.

Those that follow San Antonio’s food scene may have already crossed delicious paths with Chef Paul Morales, a member of the nonprofit, Chef Cooperatives, and formerly a butcher at Smoke Shack Meat Market before he moved to Los Angeles for a time. 

Thanks to the pandemic, he’s back. After exploring the cuisine in California, Chef Morales realized he simply could not find the kind of tortillas he fell in love with in Los Angeles, which were made with heirloom grains and packed with rich, corn flavor. 

Tacos Cucuy

About Tacos Cucuy

His search spurred him to launch his first company, Ancient Heirloom Grains,which produces heirloom corn tortillas made with several varietals of heirloom corn, sourced from both Mexico and Texas. 

“Corn is life, especially heirloom varietals but each batch is different. They’re never exactly the same,” explains Chef Morales. “The Mesoamericans invented the technique of nixtamalization thousands of years ago. More recently, the Hopi Indians used corn, like our blue corn sourced from Barton Springs Mill here in Texas. The Hopi would use ash from various native plants and trees to cook the corn, allowing the nutrients to be extracted.”

Currently, the corn tortillas Chef Morales makes through Ancient Heirloom Grains are largely sold wholesale to local restaurants, but will be the stars of the show on Tacos Cucuy’s menu. 

The Tacos Cucuy food truck and catering company concept was actually intended to be Chef Morales’ first entrepreneurial endeavor after returning to San Antonio, but was delayed due to the aforementioned tortilla challenge along with the usual obstacles of starting a food truck. 

Tacos Cucuy


Tacos Cucuy’s menu will focus on elevated tacos made entirely from scratch using local ingredients, responsibly-sourced proteins, fresh handmade salsas and, of course, Chef Morales’ amazing heirloom corn tortillas!

“I want to offer bespoke taco experiences, whether upscale or downscale. We’ll have things like al pastor on a trompo and menu items like mulitas, which are basically quesadillas but made with huge corn tortillas. We’ll also have tlayudas, which are like a cross between a chalupa and a pizza, in terms of size. We make one that’s covered in a cumin-cauliflower puree and topped with veggies and cheese that’s so good! It’s Tex-Mex because we use a mix of local Texas heirloom corn and Oaxacan heirloom corn, but it’s something altogether different than what you typically find in San Antonio, which is why I know people are going to love it,” says Chef Morales. 

Although the menu will be constantly revolving, you can currently expect to see some delectable options, such as the seasonal “El Gourd-O Taco” (fried corn, pumpkin, smoked pecan salsa, chives and goat cheese on an heirloom corn tortilla), “La Ponsa Taco” (pork belly pastor, heirloom black beans, pickled nopales, raw onion, avocado salsa, heirloom corn tortilla), “Bean and Cheese Mulita” (refried heirloom black beans, crema limon, crema arbol, cabbage slaw, queso panela, 8.5″ heirloom corn tortilla), and so much more!

Tacos Cucuy


Tacos Cucuy’s Grand Opening will take place this upcoming Saturday, October 30th, from 10 am to 3 pm at Folklores – Government Hill Coffee House’s “Stroll on the Hill” event, located at 1526 E. Grayson. 


From there, keep an eye out on Tacos Cucuy’s social media and website to find out where they will be popping up around town. Starting on Friday, November 19th they will be setting up at the Live Oak Farmers Market at Pat Booker Road and 1604 on Fridays (11-4) and Saturdays and Sundays (10-2), running until the end of the year. 

AdditionallyAncient Heirloom Grains will have a booth at the market where folks can purchase tortillas and tortilla chips, besides the hot and ready-to-eat tacos and other items available from the food truck. Tacos Cucuy is also available for special events and private catering. Interested parties can email paul@tacoscucuy.com for inquiries. 

For more information on Tacos Cucuy,visit tacoscucuy.com.


Facebook @tacoscucuysanantonio and Instagram @tacoscucuy

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