Gunslingers Restaurant is Now Open in the Los Patios Area

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Gunslingers Restaurant is Now Open in the Los Patios Area

Gunslingers Restaurant Opened by Two Seasoned San Antonio Chefs is Ready for Business in Los Patios

New Gunslingers restaurant opened on Wednesday, September 1st at Los Patios, revitalizing a once highly popular venue near the airport. It now shares a home with Blue Heron Recovery, an outpatient treatment center for people in recovery for substance abuse disorders.

The restaurant is a creation of both Chef Stephen Paprocki of The CO-OP SA and Texas Black Gold Garlic and Chef Adrian Cruz, a James Beard award-winning chef of Ghost Kitchens SA, which operates several virtual restaurants, also with partner, Chef Paprocki.

Gunslingers Restaurant
Photo Credit: Fernando Ortega

“San Antonio’s got a Maverick, a Bandit and now we’re the two Gunslingers,” said Chef Paprocki. “We go to work everyday and pull off miracles. We’re pulling off eight concepts with this.” 

Gunslingers is a scratch kitchen featuring elevated fast casual favorites, including incredible burgers, chicken sandwiches, wings, mac-n-cheese and more. The menu will also feature some of the more popular items from the Ghost Kitchens SA menu, such as the Concha Burger, but with even more scrumptious eats that can be enjoyed dine-in, to-go or delivered via popular delivery apps, including Doordash and Uber Eats. As the greenbelt runs along the property (near Tobin Park Trailhead and MacArthur Park), joggers and bikers can easily use a QR code to order a drink or quick snack. 

“We want to make the best of everything we do. You know how good those McDonald’s burgers look in the ads, but when you order them they don’t look like that? Well, Chef Adrian’s burgers actually look as good in person as they do in photos. The food’s legit!” added Chef Paprocki. 

Just to give you a taste, imagine succulent Burnt Ends Brisket Mac ‘N’ CheeseSticky Thai Coconut Wings, a Citrus Honey Nashville Chicken Sandwich with Red Onions and The Monte Cristo Burger (half pound beef patty topped with ham and cheddar, dipped in waffle batter, deep fried and served with a black garlic strawberry jam and powdered sugar. Is your mouth watering yet?!

I was at Gunslingers for a preview this week. I tried the Burnt Ends Brisket Mac ‘N’ Cheese as an appetizer which came highly recommended. That ended up being our favorite of the evening and I usually don’t like Mac ‘N’ Cheese. I liked that the cheese was creamy and stringy at the same time and the burnt ends were sweet & tender without too much BBQ sauce.

The Concha is a beautiful and delicious must try with a Concha Mexican Sweet Bread for the bun. A beef patty, chorizo, strawberry chipotle mayo, cheddar cheese, bacon and bacon jam round this one out. This work of art is designed by Chef Cruz and he doesn’t leave anything off this burger. If you are an out-of-towner, this one will be bragging rights when you get home and is definitely Instagram photo worthy.

Gunslingers Restaurant
Photo Credit: Fernando Ortega

The Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich AKA Etta Place is the best Crispy Chicken sandwich I have had. They do a great job of getting the crisp on this big boy and keeping it on. Topped with Cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato, house pickles, and chive mayo all on a homemade Brioche bun makes this one a winner. They have a whole section of different chicken burgers which translates into me having to go back to this restaurant many times.

Gunslingers Restaurant
Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Their menu is rounded out with a large variety of wings, salads, more burgers, sides of fries, rings and tots and some desserts. Try the Gooey Brownie Sunday or the Crème Brûlée, both homemade and incredible.

Gunslingers Restaurant
Gooey Brownie Sunday

I would like to mention that everything here is made in house, sauces, fries, bread, pickles, everything!

Gunslingers is every bit worthy of a visit. (The grounds of the Los Patios property are gorgeous and the food is awesome!) If you cant make it out, you can order online and have it delivered via popular delivery apps, including Doordash and Uber Eats.

This will be the second restaurant situated on the beautiful Los Patio grounds in years, along with the new Comfort Cafe. Gunslingers will be located in the Gazebo building at the far end of the property. The two chefs met when Chef Cruz became a chef ambassador for Paprocki’s Texas Black Gold Garlic brand, which is now one of the top black garlic brands in the world. 

“I’m happy to be here in San Antonio and starting something new with Chef Stephen,” said Chef Cruz. “We’re happy to have people finally be able to dine in. It’s going to be awesome!” 

When Chef Cruz moved to San Antonio from the valley, he joined the Chef Cooperatives, the nonprofit group of chefs that puts on events to raise funds for local farms, of which Chef Paprocki has been the President since it was founded. The two like-minded chefs launched their first project together just this year, as their answer to the pandemic’s pummeling of the restaurant industry. 

“I can’t tell you how grateful I am for chefs Stephen and Adrian taking a chance here at Los Patios and opening up a fantastic restaurant! They’re bringing Los Patios back to life, and we’re just thrilled to have them here,” said Dr. Christine Varela Mayer, the CEO of Blue Heron Recovery and Los Patios property owner. 

Gunslingers Restaurant
Los Patios beautiful grounds

Los Patios is looking to continue to expand and host events, all of which will be sober venues, meaning none of the restaurants, including Gunslingers, will sell alcohol, making it a safe space for the outpatients to enjoy as well. 

Gunslingers will be the first of its kind in San Antonio that will have no front of the house staff, only a host, Tim Guillen. Guests order off the menu and pay using a QR code and runners will bring meals out to the tables. It’s a COVID pivot that has streamlined restaurant dining across the United States. 

“I’m really excited about the whole concept and the wild west theme as well as the location and gorgeous patio with beautiful shade trees,” Tim said. “Our touchless service is focused on COVID safety. We’re doing our best to make it safer for people so they feel comfortable.”

Gunslingers Restaurant
Crème Brûlée

The restaurant, true to its name, will also be playing vintage cowboy movies for guests to enjoy while they eat. 

Additionally, Olla Express Coffee will be sharing the Gazebo space with Gunslingers, opening up a new brick-and-mortar Mexican coffee shop, also on September 1st. Currently, they are a mobile coffee bar that specializes in cafe de olla and traditional Mexican drinks. Finally, folks who would like a preview of the menu can order online for to-go or delivery.  

For more information on Gunslingers, visit Restaurant Hours are 11 am to 8 pm everyday except Monday and Tuesday. Los Patios is located at 2015 NE Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78217. 

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