Yuengling Makes Grand Entrance to SA by River Boat

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Yuengling Makes Grand Entrance to SA by River Boat

Yuengling & Glazer’s Make Iconic First Delivery to San Antonio’s River Walk via River Barge

Yuengling, America’s Top Craft Beer, Launches in San Antonio for the first time with Glazer’s Beer and Beverage of Texas. Yuengling, America’s Oldest brewery and leading craft brand, is bringing the goods to the Alamo City. Now San Antonio residents and fans across the state can enjoy the iconic beverage on-tap, at-home or at their favorite destinations throughout South Central Texas where Glazer’s distributes.

“We are honored to be the distribution partner for The Yuengling Company in Texas and to become a part of the Yuengling family,” said Nicholas Meyers, Portfolio Manager at Glazer’s Beer and Beverage of Texas. “For years we have heard the demand for America’s oldest brewery, and we are excited to finally share this iconic beer with our retailers around the state.” 


About Yuengling

Family owned and operated for more than 192 years, the cherished Yuengling family recipes and proprietary yeast were transported via armored truck over a three-day journey, starting in Pottsville, Pennsylvania and ending in Fort Worth, Texas so that Yuengling’s beers would be brewed locally in Texas to their highest standards of excellence.

Fan-favorite brands Yuengling Traditional Lager, famous for its rich amber color, Light Lager 99, Golden Pilsner and FLIGHT by Yuengling, the Next Generation of Light beer with only 2.6 carbs and 95 calories, are now available for purchase throughout the state. 

Led by the Sixth Generation Yuengling Wendy, Jen, Debbie and Sheryl Yuengling alongside their father, Fifth Generation owner Dick Yuengling, the family is excited to finally make their beloved beer available to fans in Texas after years of demand.

Fans can rest assured that the Yuengling beers will be brewed to Yuengling perfection here in their new home, and can look out for fun ways the brand plans to engage with Texas fans in the coming months by following along on their Facebook page, on Twitter and Instagram, as well as by visiting www.Yuengling.com


Yuengling Comes to San Antonio

“It’s an important day for our brewery as we take this large first step in our Westward expansion,” said Wendy Yuengling, Chief Administrative Officer and 6th generation family member, D.G. Yuengling & Son, Inc. “On behalf of our entire Yuengling family, we are humbled by the opportunity to bring the goods to the people of San Antonio

The passion these fans have shown for our beer and our brand brings into perspective the nearly 200-years of hard work and perseverance that have brought us to this point in our brand’s history. We continue to be inspired by our fans and past generations to brew the best beer possible, and look forward to continuing to do so in this amazing state.”


Yuengling will be available for purchase at major retailers throughout Texas and through Glazer’s distribution partners. To purchase Yuengling in San Antonio and surrounding areas, customers can use Yuengling’s Beer Finder to secure their goods today: https://www.yuengling.com/find-our-beer/


About Glazer’s Beer and Beverage of Texas

A long-time supporter of a variety of charities, including many military-based organizations through its Stars and Stripes Program that works alongside Team RWB and Operation Gratitude, as well as its multi-year partnership with TAPS, the Yuengling brand is a perfect fit for Military City U.S.A. and strongly aligns with the mission of Glazer’s Beer and Beverage of Texas to support current and former military members.

Glazer’s and Yuengling look forward to partnering on future efforts in San Antonio to support those who commit their lives to defending and serving the U.S.

For more information on Glazer’s Beer and Beverage of Texas and its offerings visit www.glazersbeer.com. For more information on Yuengling, visit https://www.yuengling.com

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