Labor Day Cocktails to Help You Say Goodbye to Summer

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Labor Day Cocktails to Help You Say Goodbye to Summer

Labor Day Cocktails are a Refreshing Way to Toast the End of Summer

Labor Day Cocktails kiss summer adieu. As Labor Day weekend and the unofficial end to summer swiftly approaches join me as I raise one final toast to summer with some great cocktails.

Hornitos TequilaPinnacle Light & Ripe and On The Rocks Cocktails have made it easy to soak up the last bit of summer sun this year! Below I’ve included a few cocktail recipes I think you will enjoy and keep that summer feeling going strong.

Hornitos Tequila Zarza

Labor Day Cocktails


  • 2 parts Hornitos Reposado Tequila
  • 1 part Simple Syrup
  • 1 part Fresh Lemon Juice
  • Blackberries
  • Float: DeKuyper Creme de Cassis Liqueur


  • Combine all ingredients, excluding liqueur. Shake well. Strain and serve over crushed ice in a rocks glass. Float liqueur on top. Garnish with fresh blackberries.

About Hornitos

Hornitos® was boldly born in 1950 in honor of Mexican Independence Day. It all began in Jalisco, Mexico with our founder, Don Francisco, a man who wasn’t shy about taking chances to make great tequila. From creating Reposado before it was even a word, to revolutionizing the agave cooking process, to standing up to the Mexican government and setting new standards for tequila. Since then, it has become our tradition to break tradition, all in the name of bettering tequila.

Pinnacle Light & Ripe Apricot Honeysuckle Green Tea

Labor Day Cocktails


  • 1.5 parts Pinnacle Apricot Honeysuckle 
  • 3 parts Unsweetened Green Tea
  • .25 oz (½ Tbsp) Honey
  • 2 Peach slices
  • Soda Water


  • In a highball cocktail glass, gently muddle peach slices and honey. Add Pinnacle Light & Ripe Apricot Honeysuckle, green tea and ice. Stir to combine. Top with soda water and garnish with additional peach or apricot slices.

About Pinnacle Light & Ripe

Take a fruity apricot vodka and give it a sweet floral twist: meet the Pinnacle Light & Ripe Apricot Honeysuckle Vodka. With all the smooth texture and subtle taste you expect, and made from natural ingredients, with zero sugar. Light on calories, full on flavor. Floral accents balance lush fruity notes in this refreshing apricot honeysuckle vodka.

On The Rocks The Cosmopolitan

Labor Day Cocktails

A wildly popular cocktail, The Cosmopolitan is a simple cocktail with a big history. This classic cocktail blends flavors of cranberry, triple sec, lemon zest and lime – cut through with smooth EFFEN Vodka.

Directions: Simply pour over ice and enjoy!

About On The Rocks

While the premade cocktail space traditionally has been seen as a cheap thrill, OTR™ is changing perception by creating a new Ready To Serve craft cocktail category. In contrast to most bottled drinks out there, our cocktails are made with high quality spirits and natural ingredients.

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