New Pastry House Brings Eclectic Pastries to the Alamo City

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New Pastry House Brings Eclectic Pastries to the Alamo City

New Pastry House, C.K.S. Pastry House, is Now Bringing Eclectic French Pastries & More to San Antonio

C.K.S. Pastry House, a new pastry house recently launched by the ingenious brains behind Cereal Killer Sweets, is a walk-up pastry shop focusing on their unique take on traditional French pastries.

With offerings such as Cereal Milk Dip N FlipsCruffins (croissant muffins)and Neon No-Oreos, it’s enough to make even the Madhatter weep with delight!

As always, C.K.S. is known for their ginormous, over-the-top funky flavors and creations that are as incredibly tasty as they are visually stunning. The options and flavors vary from week-to-week, depending upon the availability of the freshest, seasonal ingredients, not to mention, the bakers’ creative whimsy. 

New Pastry House

“We’re excited to bring new and unique flavors and pastries back to San Antonio. We want to show people that while these are traditional treats and savory pastries, we have a lot of unique flavors. Our Flip N Dip, for example, is a giant choux au craquelin stuffed then dipped in ganache and topped with our favorite cereals and other toppings,” said co-owner, Megan Morales. “We also do multi-colored craquelins, which are really cool.”

Customers are going wild for their choux pastries, which are light, silky and bigger than your hand!


New Pastry House

With the launch of the new pastry concept, which is geared towards the local market and available for pick-up or delivery, the C.K.S. team discovered a surge of interest in their savory items. 

“We are always innovating and staying on trends to find new things to bring to the San Antonio area,” added Megan. “We all have different backgrounds and are continually exploring new inspirations.”

The team began making crobasneks (beef bratwurst and cheese stuffed inside croissant dough), which were a huge hit. Next, they began experimenting with savory scones made with ingredients such as tomato jam and tasso ham. From there, they developed a savory rustic, open-faced pie, reminiscent of a galette, that’s topped with all sorts of yummy ingredients like goat cheese, mascarpone, cheddar, arugula, cream cheese and ham. 

New Pastry House

This week, they just introduced their new Pizza Croissants, a delicious marriage of a pizza with a croissant. Get ready for the Alamo City’s new obsession and keep an eye out as they continue to invent thrilling new pastries. 


C.K.S. Pastry House offers a rotating menu of items available for In Store Purchase or Pick-Up Thursday – Saturday, with Limited Delivery on Thursdays and Fridays (minimum order of $20), within a 10-mile radius. 

However, please note that delivery is flexible and based on time and availability. Find the most up-to-date information and menu items ready-to-devour by visiting their social media.

New Pastry House



Instagram: @ckspastryhouse or @cerealkillersweets

C.K.S Pastry House also specializes in custom orders and large orders for special and private events or simply because you need a few dozen eclairs on hand in case of emergency. Depending upon the size of the order, the team will need two (2) or more days to fulfill. 

“People are heading back into the office now, so what better way to boost company morale than with some beautiful pastries?” said co-owner, Lauren Garcia. “Even though we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, people aren’t stopping their lives. There’s never a bad day for some fantastic treats, whether you’re at home or planning something special like a gender reveal.” 

Cereal Killer Sweets

Cereal Killer Sweets’ Cookie and Bars menu is available for Pick-Up Tuesday – Saturday and Delivery on Tuesday – Friday within a 10-mile radius, as well as Nationwide Shipping

Folks are encouraged to pre-order through the website or by calling 210-753-2032. You can also call during store hours for pick-up or delivery same-day. 

More Information

For more information on C.K.S. Pastry House and Cereal Killer Sweets,visit cerealkillersweets.comor call 210-753-2032. The shop is located at 1031 Patricia, Suite 104, San Antonio, Texas 78213 between India Oven & Jazzercise.

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