BACARDI Celebrates a Stellar Anniversary of the Cuba Libre

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BACARDI Celebrates a Stellar Anniversary of the Cuba Libre

BACARDI Celebrates the 121st Anniversary of the Cuba Libre with “Rum & Cola” Reimagined

BACARDI Rum, known to be the maker of the first Cuba Libre cocktail back in 1900, celebrates the 121st anniversary of the cocktail this month.

“¡Por Cuba libre!”

 The cocktail history originates in Cuba, where a U.S. Army Signal Corps Captain was celebrating Cuba’s victory in Havana and asked for his BACARDÍ Rum mixed with Coca-Cola® and a squeeze of a fresh lime. This inspired the rest of the bar to order the cocktail and the Captain to propose a toast “¡Por Cuba libre!”  or “For a Free Cuba” – which was often used as a battle cry for Cuban revolutionaries and Americans soldiers.

The Cuba Libre is sometimes known simply as a “rum and cola,” but with the addition of a lime wedge. And 121 years later, people continue to enjoy this classic rum cocktail with historical significance, and in honor of this year’s anniversary, BACARDÍ is shaking up some Cuba Libre recipes, consisting of both classic and innovative riffs to celebrate the occasion.

Fever-Tree Distillers Cola


To craft these Cuba Libre riffs, BACARDÍ recently partnered with Fever-Tree in support of the launch of Fever-Tree Distillers Cola, which is a brand-new cola mixer designed for mixing with the finest whiskeys and rums – like BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro, aged a minimum of four years under the Caribbean sun. The partnership led to the creation of a classic “Rum & Cola” made with BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro, Fever-Tree Distillers Cola, and lime – but while this classic cocktail is delicious and refreshing, both BACARDÍ and Fever-Tree tapped some industry friends to reimagine the Cuba Libre just in time for the upcoming anniversary. 

·         A-K Hada, North American Ambassador of Rums for BACARDÍ, shared her fresh take on the Cuba Libre by creating the BACARDÍ Cuatro Cafecito. Inspired by the Cuban espresso serve known as Cafecito, this cocktail is made with BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro, Fever-Tree Distiller’s Cola, cold brew, vanilla syrup, and finished with a garnish of cinnamon and orange. Hada notes that, “Coffee is the perfect bridge between the spice notes one gets from BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro and the sweet bitterness from the Fever-Tree Distiller’s Cola.”

·         Lynnette Marrero, a well-known bartender in the industry, reimagined her Cuba Libre using BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro and Fever-Tree Distiller’s Cola by packing a punch with the addition of Angostura Bitters and smoked chili bitters, giving the cocktail a spicy, bitter twist. She balanced out the heat with a pinch of sea salt and some lime juice.

With deep-seeded roots in Cuba, BACARDÍ will not let the story of the Cuban revolution over 60 years ago be forgotten. To support the fight for a free Cuba, BACARDÍ has donated millions of dollars to non-profit organizations like “The Center for a Free Cuba” and “The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba” and encourages others to not give up the fight. You can read about the brand’s stance on Instagram HERE.


Rum & Cola



Method: In a highball glass filled to the brim with fresh ice, squeeze two fat wedges of fresh lime before dropping the depleted rinds in, too. Pour in the BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro before topping with chilled Fever-Tree Distillers Cola. Give a gentle stir and enjoy.

Cuatro Cafecito



·         1.5 oz BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro

·         0.75 oz Cold Brew

·         0.25 oz Vanilla Syrup

·         3.5 oz Fever-Tree Distillers Cola

·         Orange slice and freshly grated cinnamon as a garnish.

Method: Build all ingredients into a Collins glass filled with ice. Give a quick stir to incorporate and garnish with an orange slice and freshly grated cinnamon.

Cuba Destilador


·         2 oz BACARDÍ Añejo Cuatro

·         0.5 oz lime juice

·         2 dashes Angostura Bitters

·         2 dashes smoked chili bitters

·         Pinch of sea salt

·         3 oz Fever-Tree Distillers Cola

Method: Shake first four ingredients with two cubes of ice and strain into an ice-filled Collins glass. Add Cola, stir lightly, and garnish with lime zest. 

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