Texas Black Garlic Sets Superior Gold Standard

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Texas Black Garlic Sets Superior Gold Standard

Texas Black Garlic is Made in America, Never Irradiated and Always Safe to Eat

Texas Black Garlic shares a few things you should know about Black Garlic production.

Other Black Garlic Brands

Not all black garlic is created equal? In fact, most black garlic you can buy in America is actually grown and produced outside of the country, usually China. Chinese garlic is irradiated at the border, so make sure to check labels carefully for details.

Imported garlic can be irradiated at the border and, therefore, must be labeled that it might cause cancer, thanks to California’s Proposition 65

Texas Black Garlic

Also known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, Proposition 65 first became law in the state in 1986. It is intended to help Californians make informed decisions about protecting themselves from chemicals that could cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

One national brand has this warning on their product label when sold in California but does not have to alert buyers on their label when they sell outside of California. 

Texas Black Gold Garlic

When it comes to our Black Gold Garlic, you should know we set the “Gold Standard!”

We are homegrown, tried and true, and our garlic is NEVER irradiated and always safe to eat. More than that, Black Gold Garlic is extremely healthful, as it’s packed with massive antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. Click HERE to learn more!

Additionally, we work closely with Texas farmers, who grow our garlic for us, to ensure our garlic is of the highest quality. We even have a seed program for some of our local farmers where we give them seed up front and guarantee to buy their crop once harvested. Additional garlic is purchased, as needed, from California, New Mexico and Pennsylvania farms.


Our garlic goes through a rigorous testing process in order to guarantee we produce the best possible black garlic on the market from coast-to-coast. We proudly sport the certified vegan symbol as all of our black garlic products are true vegan products. We are also Kosher certified. 

Unfortunately, not all black garlic products sold by other companies are true vegan products. Surprisingly, some of them are actually found to have traces of manure on them. Make sure to check labels for the certified vegan symbol.

Texas Black Garlic

Finally, not all black garlic producers pay their employees a fair wage. Just watch the documentary, Rotten, to discover the seedy underbelly of the black garlic industry. You will be shocked at what you discover!

As for us, we hire industry professionals who are passionate about food and creating superior products. We pay more than a fair wage and only work with independent farmers who also pay fair wages. 

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