Weee! Launches in San Antonio with Authentic Asian Products

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Weee! Launches in San Antonio with Authentic Asian Products

Weee! Asian E-Grocer Celebrates Food and Life with Grocery Shopping made Accessible, Affordable, Social and Exciting

Weee! – the largest and fastest-growing e-grocer specializing in Asian and Hispanic products – just launched in San Antonio. San Antonio can now have fresh, authentic Asian ingredients and items delivered directly to their doors.

Weee! sources and delivers high-quality and authentic products at the peak of freshness across 15 cities in the U.S. and brings access to anything from fresh produce to traditional comfort foods to the newest snack trend. This includes items that are often very difficult to find in the U.S., from fresh Pacific black cod from Half Moon Bay to Kyoho grapes and air-flown Hokkaido uni. 


Weee! is the leading Asian and Hispanic e-grocer in the U.S. that sources and delivers products directly to customers. More than 3,500 products are offered across 13 categories.

Weee! is on a mission to enable affordable access to groceries for every home in North America, Weee! helps customers discover everyday staples sourced locally and hard-to-find goods from around the globe, with a new standard for freshness and value.



Fresh. We source & deliver products at the peak of freshness, including seasonal, hard-to-find, and exclusive
products (over 20% of SKUs offered). Efficient. By precisely predicting demand (vs. overstocking inventory), we generate virtually zero food waste and pass the savings down directly to our customers. Affordable. Prices are often lower than in-store, with free delivery over $35 and no subscription fee. Community-driven. Engaging social e-commerce features that reward customers for sharing and advocating for Weee!


Local delivery on fresh produce, meat, seafood, and much more for free next-day delivery over $35
Over 2,000 shelf-stable products are available for nationwide shipping via Weee! Pantry+



Unlike courier delivery services, we know exactly where our food comes from. The partnerships we’ve fostered over the years make it possible for us to source more than 350 types of fresh produce; as well as restaurant-quality seafood, local meat and dairy products, frozen food, beverages, pantry staples, snacks, health and beauty, and meals from popular local restaurants.


Larry Liu is the founder and CEO of Weee!, a leading online grocery company headquartered in Fremont, California with over 1,000 employees.

Weee! was founded in 2015 to source hard-to-find and authentic ingredients to a
community of over 7M Asian immigrants. The Weee! app launched on iOS and Android in 2017 and serves hundreds of thousands of households today.

Prior to Weee, Mr. Liu held various roles in engineering and finance at Intel, Brocade, and Atmel. He holds a BSEE from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and an MBA from

UC Davis Graduate School of Management.

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