Cask and Kettle is an Easy Way to Make Hot Coffee Cocktails

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Cask and Kettle is an Easy Way to Make Hot Coffee Cocktails

Cask and Kettle Pods are the Newest Way to Make Hot Coffee Cocktails Without All the Fuss

Cask and Kettle ready-to-brew hot cocktail pods are the best thing since sliced bread! Want to entertain guests after dinner with an Irish Coffee or Mexican Coffee? There is no need to keep liquor or liqueur on hand. Now all you have to do is buy Cask & Kettle ready-to-brew pods and pop a single serve cup into your brewing system.

Each cup contains approximately 1 oz. of high-quality distilled spirits, coffee & robust flavors. And each multi-serving package contains five (5) complete cocktails (200ml). No need to mix anything. No need for extra equipment. It’s easy peasy.

Now you can spend your time with your guests, not in the kitchen.

Cask & Kettle comes in four flavors which include:

Irish Coffee (a whiskey cocktail prepared with a modern twist) – Coffee with the aroma of smoky whiskey mixed with the welcoming allure of dark roasted beans and buttery caramel. The perfect balance of Irish Whiskey and robust flavor with a mild sweetness.

Cask & Kettle

Mint Patty (a delicious mint coffee treat with a bit of chocolate to make it extra decadent with enough vodka to keep you warm) – Bright, crisp taste of vodka and mint blended into dark roast coffee with a touch of dark chocolate.

Who doesn’t like a mint and chocolate combination, especially after dinner. Mint is always soothing after a meal. I also liked this flavor on a warm afternoon to cool me down. A bit like a Persian hot mint tea but with a kick!

Cask & Kettle

Mexican Coffee (tequila, vodka and coffee with natural flavors) – An aromatic bouquet and nuanced combination of flavors to please a sophisticated palate. The smooth mouthfeel and light agave flavor of silver tequila combined with darker notes of roasted coffee and a whisper of Mexican chocolate at the finish.

This coffee was one of my favorites. I am a fan of Mexican chocolate with its aromatics of cinnamon and other spices, so this one played well on my palate.

Cask & Kettle

Hot Blonde Coffee (a blend of vodka, coffee and vanilla with natural flavors) – Beautiful sable color, decadent aroma and notes of malty vanilla swirling through a blend of roasted coffee and full-bodied, crisp vodka.

Cask & Kettle

Cask and Kettle is the only hard coffee cocktail on the market. Coffeehouse quality with everything you need in one pod – including the alcohol.

Cask & Kettle now offers a Spiked Dry Cider. This is a crisp Michigan apple cider cocktail with a bold, spirit forward finish.

Beautiful amber color with an enticing aroma of cinnamon, green apple, and warm alcohol. Michigan apple cider gives a perfect crispness to this smooth, warm beverage. A fresh upfront tart apple flavor is followed by a hint of vodka and cinnamon. Hello Fall!

Of course, should you want to add your own touch, you can always dress it up and make it your own version. A little whipped cream or garnish never hurts to make it a celebration.

Cask & Kettle

Where to Buy

These drinks are available in the spirits aisle at select grocery stores as well as many independent liquor stores. Find locations near you on our store locator.

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

About Cask & Kettle

The founders of CASK & KETTLE are self-declared hot drink and cocktail lovers. They believe that making a really great cup of coffee or cocktail requires knowledge, the proper ingredients, skill, passion and a lot of fun. Baristas and mixologists have their utmost respect. While there aren’t any professionals hanging around their homes making them smooth, savor-worthy cocktails – they do have single serve brewing machines handy. So the ‘MacGyver-wanna-bes’ in their crew stepped up and figured out how they could easily make the hot cocktails they and their friends love to drink at home.

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