Special Leaf ‘s Delightful New Flavor, Heavenly Hibiscus

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Special Leaf ‘s Delightful New Flavor, Heavenly Hibiscus

Special Leaf Artisan Tea Introduces It’s Newest Flavor – Heavenly Hibiscus!

Special Leaf ‘s New Flavor, Heavenly Hibiscus, Can Even Quench an Angel’s Thirst!

Special Leaf, a San Antonio based artisan tea company, is excited to introduce their newest flavor, Heavenly Hibiscus, to tea enthusiasts across Texas and beyond. 

Like its predecessors, Heavenly Hibiscus is a specialty iced tea made from the leaves of olive trees – half of which are locally sourced from Texas Hill Country Olive Company in Dripping Springs. 

Special Leaf

Traditionally, dating back to Ancient Egypt, olive leaves and its extract, have been used medicinally to address all kinds of maladies. One of its key compounds, oleuropein, is known to be high in antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and immune-stimulating. 

Chef Chris Cook, a renowned San Antonio chef and the owner and chief tea brewer of Special Leaf, discovered the benefits of olive leaf tea while working at a Texas olive orchard and has since been mastering the art of olive leaf tea and experimenting with a myriad of flavor combinations. 

Special Leaf’s current line of flavors include:

 Keep It SimplePomberryWhen Life Gives You Lemons and, now, Heavenly Hibiscus.

Special Leaf

Heavenly Hibiscus is artfully crafted with hibiscus, blueberry and mint in order to deliver a floral forward and flavorful experience with no added sugar. The tea is sweetened with monk fruit, making it a keto-friendly drink that’s as clean and wholesome as it is refreshing, leaving you energized and thoroughly thirst-quenched!

“There’s been a demand for a product like this, with the current health craze and keto diets. Our product isn’t just tasty and a great choice for iced tea drinkers, but it’s already considered health-focused because it’s made using olive leaves, which are massively healthful,” said Chris Cook. “However, finding the right ingredients that complement the hearty flavor of the leaf can be challenging, but I think we’ve really succeeded with Heavenly Hibiscus. It’s absolutely delicious and refreshing, as a good iced tea should be.” 

San Antonians can find the teas at the Huebner Oaks Farmers Market on Saturdays and the Alamo Heights Farmers Market on Sundays or various locations throughout the city, such as Bakery Lorraine and Hotel Havana. For more details or to order online, visit the website

Special Leaf
CHEF CHRIS COOK (Chief Tea Brewer & Owner):

The passion and pride Chef Chris Cook exhibits in his professional career makes him a formidable presence. As a San Antonio resident for over a decade, Chef Cook is inspired by the cultural influences and local ingredients of the city to create products and dishes that make him one of the most talented culinary leaders and an instrumental part of the community. 

A now passionate Texan, Chef Cook is currently serving as the Vice President of the nonprofit, Chef Cooperatives, where he works with a group of chefs to educate and give back to local farms and ranches, as well as the community.

When Chef Cook is not in the kitchen, he is constantly developing various new food and beverage products. Working as an entrepreneur, consultant and independent chef has allowed him to balance his roles as a chef, leader and family man. 

For more information on Special Leaf, visit specialleaf.com

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