Absolutely! Gluten Free Celebrates May Celiac Awareness Month

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Absolutely! Gluten Free Celebrates May Celiac Awareness Month

Absolutely! Gluten Free Launches New Look and Varieties of the Delicious Grain-Free Snacks You Will ABSOLUTELY Love!

Absolutely! Gluten Free, the top innovator in gluten-free snacks is showcasing their delicious new line of sweet and savory products with a fresh new look & feel to their packaging, just in time to Celebrate Celiac Awareness Month this May! Absolutely! Gluten Free’s new packaging and varieties showcase the innovative high-quality products offered and the brand’s commitment to flavorful, gourmet gluten-free snacks with a modern twist. The delicious new line includes an assortment of sweet and savory snacks are made with clean and wholesome ingredients that are absolutely, positively free of not only gluten, but grain, rice, corn, soy and dairy.

Absolutely! Gluten Free

No matter the reason you choose to eat gluten-free, Absolutely! Gluten Free line of real, wholesome snacks and treats are the perfect choice for any occasion. Stock up for school or work snacks, family dinners or small celebrations, or to make your mom something extra special for Mother’s Day, Absolutely! Gluten Free is so good that everybody will want to eat them! The delicious product line includes:

Crackers and Flatbreads:

I had the opportunity to try this gluten-free product and am so glad to include them on my website. I have so many family and friends that have problems with gluten. They are always looking for more products to enjoy that actually taste good. Absolutely! Gluten-free products are winners in my book.

I was blown away with the taste of the crackers. And they were so crisp and easy to use for spreads and dips. They really hold up well to pressure but are also light and crispy! Use them for cheese, guacamole, sliced meat, veggies and even jelly. They have a great flavor that doesn’t over-power the food. I tried the plain, but they also come in a variety of flavors.

  • Absolutely! Gluten Free’s popular crackers and flatbreads are crisp, crunchy, and delicious, with a wide range of flavors including Original Variety, Toasted Onion, Everything, and Cracked Pepper.  The crackers and flatbreads are perfect for that amazing cheese and charcuterie board, for dipping, topping, to accompany with soups or salads, or straight out of the box.
Absolutely! Gluten Free
Coconut Chews and Macaroons:

If you are a coconut lover like I am, here is a way to get your Macaroon fix without upsetting your digestion. The coconut chews and macaroons are a really delicious treat. They make the plain ones but also have some fruity ones as well. These are something you will want to keep on hand for when you need a grain free sweet or snack. Add them to your backpack for a summer outing of take a package to work to keep in your desk. You are going to thank me for this!

  • New Absolutely! Gluten Free’s Coconut Chews answer your calling for something sweet and decadent.  The chocolate drizzled Coconut Chews are moist, soft coconutty sweets that now come in two new flavors – Key lime and Blueberry.
Absolutely! Gluten Free
  • The wildly popular Absolutely! Gluten Free Macaroons are available in Chocolate, Coconut, and Cranberry. These mouthwatering chewy bites of goodness are sure to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

“Absolutely! Gluten-Free, is the must have product line not only for people who are seeking to eliminate gluten from their diets, but for people who are looking to discover delicious snacks and treats that are also healthy and free of allergens.” Says Laura Morris, Associate Marketing Director for the brand. “Absolutely! Gluten Free is ‘proof of the pudding’ that gluten-free can also mean delicious.”


All Absolutely! Gluten Free products are all-natural, certified gluten-free, and OU certified kosher. AGF is a division of Kayco Foods based in Bayonne, NJ.  To learn more about Absolutely! Gluten Free visit the website https://www.absolutelygf.com or follow the brand on Instagram (@absolutelygf) , Facebook (@absolutelyGF), and Twitter (@absolutelygf).

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

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