FUN WINE, the First Brand to Put Wine in a Can

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FUN WINE, the First Brand to Put Wine in a Can

Fun Wine Hard Bubbly Collection is a Fun, Refreshing, and Flavor-Packed Bubbly Wine that has Mass Appeal

FUN WINE is the FIRST brand EVER to put a wine drink in a 330 ml Aluminum Bottle with a new formulation that includes Monk Fruit* (Also, never done before) and new flavors! We will launch FIRST in Texas.

The everyday wine drinks flavors now include:

Peach Passion Moscato™, Coconut Chardonnay™, Strawberry Rosé Moscato™ and Sangria as well as The Cafe Graffiti Collection™ – Espresso Cabernet™ and Cappuccino Chardonnay™ Welcome Fun Wine Hard Bubbly Collection sold in 750 mL bottles & 330 mL aluminum bottles.

fun wine

Joe Peleg, Founder & CEO, wanted to provide an alternative to traditional wine with a fun, refreshing, and flavor-packed bubbly wine that would have mass appeal and eye-catching packaging. The market saw a developing trend stirring away from beer towards the Alternative Alcohol Beverages and a global movement to “Better for You” alternatives. 

FUN WINE is always a leader when it comes to innovation:
  • FUN WINE was the FIRST to put wine in a can.
  • The first to use monk fruit as a sweetener in a wine drink.
  • The first to put a wine drink in a 330 mL aluminum bottle.

Fun Wine is located in Miami; it was brought to life through art, culture, fashion, and music! The artist who creates the design of Fun Wine packaging is Miami based artist – Miguel Parades.

fun wine
Peleg believes wine should be:
  • FUN and not intimidating or stuck up.
  • He created FUN WINE so people of all ages could enjoy it.
  • The wines are created with popular flavors at an attractive price than traditional wine.  
With this in mind, FUN WINE introduced two Hard Bubbly Collections, a new generation of:
fun wine
  • Refreshing, lightly carbonated, flavored wine drinks
  • With all-natural ingredients- an ingredient never used before in the industry, Monk Fruit.
  • Low ABV (5.5%) & Only 59 versus 150 calories for a 5oz pour

It’s getting warmer; the aluminum bottles are going to be in high demand!

*By using Monk fruit we were able to reduce our total carbs, sugar, and calories while enhancing our flavor profile and creating a wine drink with a full-mouth taste!

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