Ghost Kitchens SA Releases a Remarkable First Menu

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Ghost Kitchens SA Releases a Remarkable First Menu

Ghost Kitchens SA is Proud to Introduce Its First Original Menu Which Includes the Concha Burger

Ghost Kitchens SA, a ghost kitchen concept introduced earlier this year by Chef Adrian Cruz, in partnership with Chef Stephen Paprocki of The CO-OP SA and Texas Black Gold Garlic and Chef Iverson Brownell, also of The CO-OP SA as well as Fork and Garden, is proud to introduce its first original menu.

Chef Cruz is ready to take San Antonio by (culinary) storm with the jaw dropping, mouthwatering delights on his new menu, including his acclaimed Concha Burger (pictured above), which earned him high praise at the James Beard House dinner he participated in. 

“The inspiration for the menu is about what’s popular right now – which are burgers and chicken sandwiches, but I want mine to stand out and be really delicious. To do that, for starters, we’re sous vide cooking our burger patties,” said Chef Cruz.

After the burger patties are sous vide at a low temp for 30 minutes, they’re finished off on the grill with a nice char, ensuring these burgers are as juicy and flavorful as any you’ll find in the Alamo City!

Ghost Kitchens SA
Nashville Chicken Sandwich

Chef Cruz’ house sauce, with just a hint of chipotle and strawberry, rounds out these signature sandwiches, making them simply unforgettable.

The menu, which can be found online at, also includes scrumptious, next level chicken sandwiches, such as the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich dripping with tangy buffalo sauce and piled with creamy blue cheese and the spicy (but not too spicy) Nashville Chicken Sandwich, as well as the finger-licking-good Black Garlic Blackened Chicken Wings that lend credence to the phrase, “no one can eat just one!”

Ghost Kitchens SA
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

“Even though I’ve grown up in the industry as more of a fine dining chef, I’ve been having a lot of fun making burgers. It’s a great challenge to take something everyone loves, and make it the best you possibly can,” said Chef Cruz. 

Delivery Options:

San Antonians can order from the new menu online through established food delivery services, including Uber Eats, GrubHub, DoorDash and very soon from Postmates. 

Branded Menu Options:

Ghost Kitchens SA will continue to make hot, delicious food to-go from popular branded menus, including Outlaw BurgerMiss Mazy’s Amazin’ ChickenFirebelly WingsCrave BurgerThe Wing Dynasty and Wild Wild Wings


Chef Cruz moved to San Antonio from McAllen this past year. He’s been a chef going on 17 years. He’s always enjoyed trying new things and exploring opportunities when they arise.

He has had the honor of participating in a revered James Beard House dinner and is renowned for inventing the “Cochina (Concha) Burger.”  

He met Chef Stephen Paprocki through Texas Black Gold Garlic as part of its Chef Ambassador program, where he started cooking with Paprocki’s unique black garlic products and creating innovative, one-of-a-kind dishes that caught everyone’s eye, including Paprocki’s. 

Ghost Kitchens SA
Black Garlic Blackened Chicken Wings

After he moved to San Antonio, Chef Cruz began working with the nonprofit, Chef Cooperatives, of which Paprocki is the President. It wasn’t long before the three chefs, including Chef Iverson Brownell, started brainstorming clever ways to survive and support during the pandemic. 

For more information on Ghost Kitchens SA, visit or email; for more info on The CO-OP SA, visit or call 210-667-8818. For more information on Fork and Garden, please email

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