Nickel Dime Mixers will make Your Home Bar Insanely Delicious

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Nickel Dime Mixers will make Your Home Bar Insanely Delicious

Nickel Dime Syrups Bring Mixologist Flavor to Home Cocktails

Nickel Dime Cocktail Syrups will easily make you the star of your next home party without added fuss.

Looking for a way to take your home-made cocktails from blah to bold? Are you ready to be that mixologist all the neighbors and your friends nominate for bartender at their parties. Nickel Dime Cocktail Syrups will make you that person. Imagine creating cocktails that are outrageously delicious without having to shop for expensive, hard to find ingredients. With just one of their syrups, a recommend spirit, a lemon or lime & ice, you can kick up your home-bar to a higher level. (More recipes can be found on their website!)

Nickel Dime

Nickel Dime Syrups are made in California in small batches from all-natural ingredients. They are alcohol free, gluten free and contain about 100 calories per 2 ounce serving, making them a bold, delicious base for cocktails or mocktails.

They come in four flavors to help you add variety and please the masses:

Caged Heat Cocktail Syrup – made with Tamarind, Cardamom & Ghost Pepper.   This syrup has a kick and isn’t for the faint of heart, but really delicious. Bourbon lovers will like this one!

Nickel Dime

Caged Heat Recipe

2oz Bourbon
1oz Caged Heat Syrup
1oz Lemon Juice
Shake and strain into a cocktail glass, or serve on the rocks

Fairy Dust Cocktail Syrup – made with Fennel, Anise & Wormwood.  

A dry gin is good for this one as the Fairy Dust syrup has an ample amount of fennel and anise flavors to carry this cocktail through the night!

Nickel Dime

Cherry Bomb Cocktail Syrup – made with Cherry, Coffee, & Cacao.  

This one was my favorite! I love rum and with the added flavors of chocolate and coffee, it is a winner in my cocktail recipe journal.

Nickel Dime

Crimson Smoke Cocktail Syrup – made with Smoked Tea, Cranberry & Honey.  

Recipes for the easiest cocktails ever are right on the bottle. And any of their syrups make great non-alcoholic drinks too! Use 1 oz Nickel Dime cocktail syrup, 1 oz lemon, top with your favorite carbonated beverage.

Nickel Dime

I received a sample pack of their four syrups, so I tried my hand at mixing up some cocktails. It was so easy to make these fragrant, delicious drinks. I have made cocktails in the past and found it was hard to find many of the ingredients in a recipe and when I did find them, it would cost me a lot of money. Then if I didn’t like the cocktail, I would end up throwing these ingredients out. What a waste!

Making these mixers was genius.

Created by professional bartender Jared Hirsch and spirited entrepreneur Absinthia Vermut, Nickel Dime Cocktail Syrups bring sophistication, craft and flavor to any cocktail program from the home bar to growing chain.  

Hirsch, staff mixologist at the Sidebar Restaurant in Oakland, California, was renowned for his cult cocktail, the award-winning Caged Heat. The spicy tamarind and cardamon cocktail became so popular that he couldn’t produce the flavor-packed syrup in the restaurant’s kitchen. Hirsch turned to his friend and spirited entrepreneur Absinthia Vermut for advice about increasing production without sacrificing the small batch appeal, and Nickle Dime Syrups was born.  After a successful kickstarter campaign, the duo expanded the portfolio to include three other craft cocktail syrups. 

“There’s tremendous demand and curiosity about craft cocktailing at home,” said Hirsch. “Consumers in the U.S. have a pent-up thirst for the kind of bold, complex cocktails their favorite bartender used to make for them, but that doesn’t mean they are willing to settle for artificial flavors or one-note mixes. Nickel Dime syrups provide a custom cocktail experience with each pour. Your home bar will be the hottest spot in town.” 

Nickel Dime Cocktail Syrups are available nationwide in 15 ounce bottles (SRP: $19.99), mini sample pack (SRP: $29.99), 4-bottle variety pack (SRP: $75.96), or cases (SRP: $228). Wholesale pricing is available on request. 

**Full Disclosure: I received product in exchange for my review, but not to worry, all opinions are 100% mine.

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