Ca’ di Prata Proseccos Make a Special Gift on Mother’s Day

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Ca’ di Prata Proseccos Make a Special Gift on Mother’s Day

Ca’ di Prata Prosecco, an Italian Sparkling Wine, will Pair Extremely Well with Any Dish You are Cooking for Mom this Mother’s Day

The Ca’ di Prata name and label pay tribute to the municipality of Prata de Pordenone within the region of Friuli, where these wines are made. A location famous for its historic bell tower, beautiful vineyards and surrounding farmlands, the Ca’ di Prata label features a rendition of the tower on its label and shoulder. The name ‘Ca’ di’ which means ‘home of’, and ‘Prati’ which is derived from the Latin ‘Pratum’ meaning ‘vastness of territory covered in meadows’ highlights the Italian heritage of these delicious new wines.

Italy’s Prosecco region has a long history of producing sparkling rosé; however, sparkling rosé wines were not authorized to carry the name Prosecco on the bottle until November, 2020, when the Prosecco Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) consortium approved a long-debated proposal to permit the region’s sparkling rosé wines to bear the DOC designation provided they are produced with at least 85% Glera grapes along with 10% – 15% Pinot Noir fermented on the skins.

Mack & Schuhle, a Miami-based importer of accessibly priced quality wines dedicated to bringing exceptional wines to the US from around the world, is expanding its high quality Italian wine portfolio with the addition of three Ca’ di Prata Prosecco wines from Friuli Venezia Giulia.

Ca' di Prata
These wines include:

Ca’ di Prata Prosecco Brut DOC $16

This is a pleasant, dry sparkling with a nice acidity and notes of citrus which are raised with the presents of green apple notes. The Pinot Bianco and Chardonnay give this wine more minerality making it more full bodied. I would serve this wine with Caprese salad or Bruschetta appetizer.

Ca’ di Prata Prosecco Rosé DOC (granted official appellation designation in November 2020) $17

I love this smooth, fruity, bubbly rosé. What a beautiful wine, both to look at and to enjoy.

The nose of this wine is fresh, floral and fruity with strawberries, raspberries and other red fruits. Tasting notes are fresh, dry and pleasantly acidulous with fine bubbles which last until the end. Again I had strawberries and red fruit on the mouth. I recommend this wine with light appetizers, shellfish or white fish.

If you love a drier rosé, this one is a must!

Ca’ di Prata Prosecco Valdobbiadene Superiore DOCG $18

This extra-dry sparkling Italian wine is a superb example of what Italy can do with white wines. Here an acidic wine is balanced with mineral notes that give the wine flavor. This fresh, dry wine has the typical notes of golden apple with the citrus hints making it elegant and delicate on the nose. The grape bunches acquire a beautiful straw-yellow color that is transmitted in its entirety to the wine. This Prosecco has a rich flavor with fine bubbles that last until the end giving the wine a fullness in the mouth. Serve this with a shrimp pasta or a fruit and cheese plate.

About Ca’ di Prata

We are strongly committed to producing a top quality product, starting from its raw material. The careful analysis of processes, the raw materials selection and the detailed check of all the production stages allow us to spread all over the world the quality of our products exclusively made in ITALY. Each single bottle holds the smell and warmth of our land, recounting our passion and experience.

About Mack & Schuhle

Founded in 2012, Mack & Schuhle is a Miami based national importer dedicated to bringing exceptional wines from around the world to the US market. The Mack & Schuhle portfolio includes from Argentina–El Tractor; from Austria– Laessiger; from France–Fleur de Rosee; from Germany–Vollmer; from Italy–Acquiesi, Barone Montalto, Corte Federico, Cuvage, Famiglia Castellani, Giacondi, L’Amore di Giulietta, Luna Argenta, Mosketto, Novantaceppi, Passivento Riva Leone, Santodeno, Stella Cadenta and ZiRonda; from New Zealand–Cardigan Bay; from Spain–El Guardian; and Art of Earth Organic Wines.

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