Sisterdale Distilling Co.: A New Hill Country Distillery

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Sisterdale Distilling Co.: A New Hill Country Distillery

Introducing Sisterdale Distilling Co. Makers of Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Sisterdale Distilling Co., a new whiskey distillery located in the Texas Hill Country, introduces its Straight Bourbon Whiskey to restaurants, bars, and retail stores throughout Texas. Founded by longtime friends and entrepreneurs, Chad Gailey and Peter Watson, the distillery employs the time-honored American whiskey tradition of blending the finest barrels of straight bourbon to create a whiskey whose sum is greater than its parts. 

“There are a lot of great bourbons, but I’ve never had one that really stopped me cold,” said Peter Watson, co-founder, Sisterdale Distilling Co. “We set out to bring innovation and a new business approach in pursuit of creating the most delicious bourbon possible. We founded Sisterdale Distilling Co. on a 1,200-acre working ranch just off Sister Creek with the singular focus of making the highest quality, best tasting bourbon. We like to think that is exactly what we have done.” 

As a start-up distillery, Sisterdale Distilling opted to devote its resources to acquiring extraordinary, sourced whiskey rather than building an expensive new distillery. The modest production facilities on the ranch are designed for the proper aging of bourbon in the Texas climate, as well as for precise blending and bottling.

Free of the financial burden of building a state-of-the-art distillery, Sisterdale had the luxury of taking its time over a year to evaluate more than 100 bourbons from distilleries around the U.S. to find the perfect barrels to produce its first blended straight bourbon. From day one, Sisterdale Distilling is only bottling the finest bourbon that has been aged to perfection. 

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Chad Gailey, co-founder, Sisterdale Distilling Co. explained, “At Sisterdale Distilling we do everything by hand and pay particular attention to detail. Our bourbon is made for people with unwavering expectations who are seeking the very best that money can buy. We spare no expense to source only the finest bourbon, made with the highest quality ingredients. Our distiller’s ability to deftly marry them creates sublime bourbon that we know will impress even the most demanding palates.”

Sisterdale Distilling Co. Straight Bourbon Whiskey
Sisterdale Distilling Straight Bourbon is the ultimate blended whiskey using art and science. Sisterdale Distilling meticulously selected five different bourbons from one distillery in Indiana to create its signature flavor profile.

The straight bourbon is made with premium grains including white corn, wheat, and barley malt. It derives its characteristic earthiness and slight sweetness from the main flavor grain, wheat, which gives it an exceptionally approachable and sublimely delicious taste. It is mellowed and cooled to 93.4 proof with ozone-infused Texas rainwater that has gone through reverse osmosis. It is aged for a minimum of 40 months in charred American oak barrels.

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It evokes the good life with aromas of buttered popcorn mingled with rum-soaked dried fruit and candy corn. It has a creamy mouthfeel of brown butter caramel and coffee cake moving to a lingering finish of cinnamon and applesauce. The newly released Straight Bourbon Whiskey is already collecting accolades, with a Double Gold awarded by John Barleycorn Society in 2020 and a Gold Medal at the 2021 Denver International Spirits Competition.

Sisterdale Distilling Co. Straight Bourbon Whiskey is available in distinctive bars and restaurants including The Driskill Hotel, La Grange Houston, and Hotel ZaZa, Dallas. It is also available at more than 150 retail stores such as Kings Liquor, and Total Wine & More across Texas for a suggested retail price of $74.99.

About Sisterdale Distilling Co.

Sisterdale Distilling Co. is dedicated to making one thing: the most delicious, refined bourbon. We painstakingly handcraft every drop of our bourbon and you will taste the difference. Founded by Chad Gailey and Peter Watson Sisterdale Distilling Co. in 2020 on a 1,200-acre family cattle ranch just off Sister Creek in Sisterdale, Texas to make the highest quality, small-batch bourbon.

Currently, Sisterdale Distilling produces a Straight Bourbon from five different bourbons meticulously selected from a distillery. Stay connected with Sisterdale Distilling Co. on Instagram and Facebook.

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