RobertBrews Introduces Wonderful Healthy Rubs for Barbecue

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RobertBrews Introduces Wonderful Healthy Rubs for Barbecue

RobertBrews Launches New Line of Delicious Low Sodium Rubs Just in Time to Kick Off Summer Barbecuing

RobertBrews just changed the game for barbecue enthusiasts desperate for healthy yet tasty options! Based in San Antonio, Texas, RobertBrews is excited to introduce its first line of products, small batch custom rubs that are low in sodium, heart healthy, yet, oh, so flavorful! 

Like so many other companies before it, RobertBrews was created to fill a missing niche in the market that was inspired by owner and founder, Robert Johnson, who struggled to find great tasting rubs and seasonings for his own barbecuing needs, after his doctor put him on a strict low sodium diet after having multiple heart attacks. 

“I wanted to live, but I also wanted to be able to smoke and grill some great food! I struggled to find low sodium rubs that had any flavor, and so I decided to create my own.” 


In 2020, Robert launched his line of low sodium rubs/seasonings that are healthful and “so good you’ll put it on everything!” And people really do! 


Currently, the line of rubs includes the Original Texas RubHoney SweetBlack Garlic and HatchBlack Garlic and CoffeeBlack Garlic and Ghost Pepper and Black Garlic, Scorpion and Reeper.

As a long-time enthusiast of barbecuing and smoking meats, as well as competitor in cook-offs, Robert was surprised to discover just how deliciously versatile his rubs are. 

Customers at the farmers markets, including vegans, share their cooking experiences with him, and he’s been happy to learn that the rubs not only pair well with every kind of meat, from succulent barbecued chicken to a juicy, smoked brisket, but can brighten up any veggies, eggs and even make the perfect rimmer for a refreshing michelada. 


“My rubs just shine on all kinds of dishes while still being healthy. It’s important, whether you’re a heart patient like me or not, so you don’t become one,” said Robert. “I’m also proud to be a Go Texan member. Most of the ingredients are sourced right here in Texas.” 

The rubs are all-natural and made with no additives or preservatives and just a kiss of high quality Himalayan pink sea salt. Not only are the rubs low in sodium, but they are also vegan and gluten-free. The black garlic in several of the products is sourced from local company, Texas Black Gold Garlic, and offers additional health properties, such as massive antioxidant power. 


Right now, customers can find RobertBrews at the Huebner Oaks Farmers Market on Saturdays and the Alamo Heights Farmers Market at the Quarry on Sundays. Additionally, customers can order online through the website,

“We just submitted our application for H-E-B’s Quest for Texas’ Best for 2021, so we have our fingers crossed that eventually people can find our rubs in stores all across Texas, and eventually, America!” said Robert. 

For more information on RobertBrews Small Batch Custom Rubs and to order, visit

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