Lift Chocolate the Best Way to Beat Winter Blues this Easter

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Lift Chocolate the Best Way to Beat Winter Blues this Easter

Lift Chocolate is a Beautiful Way to Celebrate any Spring Occasion like Easter and Mother’s Day

Lift Chocolate has something for everyone whether you’re looking for a gift for someone special to brighten their day or planning ahead for Easter or Mother’s Day!

Former active duty United States Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot, current reservist and Lift Chocolate business owner, Brandon Busch, is looking to make life’s moments more special with high-quality and all-natural ingredient chocolates. These artistic and innovative flavor combinations and holiday novelty pieces can’t be found anywhere else!

Lift takes pride in making the highest quality gourmet chocolate products available today. The vast majority of their products are all-natural and they have several items that are also Dairy Free. They pride themselves on making everything by hand from their custom mix of chocolate to their delicious caramel.

Lift Signature Truffles – A mix of truffles, pralines, cordials, and solids.
Lift Chocolate

Great chocolate requires attention to detail and hard work. These truffles are the culmination of at least 5 complex steps: shell formation, ganache, capping, enrobing, and hand decoration. That said, if the Irish Creme, Grand Marnier, Kahlua, and chocolate flavors shine through, we have accomplished the mission.

  • Signature mixed chocolate gift box
  • Perfect for party favors or gifts
  • Multiple flavors
  • Available in multiple sizes
Bark Bar Variety Collection
Lift Chocolate

5 Chocolate Bark Bars: White Chocolate with Pistachio and Candied Orange, Dark Chocolate with Roasted Cocoa Nib, Blueberry Chocolate with Mango Crisp, Cappucino Chocolate with Espresso Powder, and Milk Chocolate with Pretzel and Peanut.

Turtle Tot Assortment
Lift Chocolate

Turtle Tots & Belgian White Chocolate, Housemade Caramel, and roasted Macadamia Nuts.

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About Lift Chocolate

The name, Lift Chocolate, is a nod to owner and Chocolatier Brandon Busch’s background as a heavy-lift helicopter pilot in the United States Marine Corps. Major Busch spent 10 years and served two combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Brandon continues to serve as a Forward Air Controller in the Marine Corps Reserve, where his fellow Marines have nicknamed him “The Candy Man.”

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