Half Day Hikes Excited to Release a New Trail Guide

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Half Day Hikes Excited to Release a New Trail Guide

Half Day Hikes New Garner State Park Trail Guide will have You Packing Your Hiking Shoes & Swimsuit this Spring Break!

Half Day Hikes announces a new guide for Garner State Park, the fourth addition to its Texas State Parks Trail Guide Series, just in time for Spring Break 2021.

This new guide includes trail descriptions, maps, reference points, directions, and full-color photos covering 16 miles of trails within Garner State Park, well-known for the crystal-clear Frio River and its exceptional camping and recreational facilities.

Half Day Hikes

Garner State Park offers a beautiful trail system along the crystal-clear Frio River. Our trail guidebook highlights 12 impressive hikes, including:

  • Iconic hikes to panoramic vistas, caves and historic landmarks.
  • Hikes for both casual and experienced hikers along the river, through the woods, up rugged limestone cliffs and in the backcountry – away from the crowds.

Spring is the best time to visit the epic hill country views and iconic hikes to historic landmarks at Garner State Park. Our trail guide helps visitors make the most of their time at the park with:

Half Day Hikes
  • Highlights to help you select a hike
  • Ratings for each hike (easy to strenuous)
  • Distances – ranging from 1.0 to 6.5 miles
  • Expected time on the trail – with most hikes taking less than a half-day

For the adventurer seeking flexibility, the BYOH (Build Your Own Hike) section of the guide provides descriptions of the 22 trails in the park, allowing visitors to build their own hike and create a personal hiking experience.

“Garner State Park offers some of the best hiking in the Texas Hill Country,” said Robert Fuller, co-founder of Half Day Hikes. “Follow our recommended hikes, Build Your Own Hike (BYOH) from the network of 22 trails within the park, or take the Garner Challenge – one of my personal favorites – a strenuous hike visiting all 9 Points of Interest and one of the best ways to see what Garner has to offer. You’ll see the park from a whole new perspective.”

Half Day Hikes

The Garner State Park hiking guide can be purchased on Amazon, REI stores in Austin and San Antonio, at the park visitor center, gift shop and store. Additional books published by Half Day Hikes in the series include: Big Bend Ranch State Park, Franklin Mountains State Park and Lost Maples State Natural Area.

About Half Day Hikes:

Half Day Hikes creates pocket-sized, informative “trail buddies” for hikers to carry on the trail. Each guide is chock-full of hiking tips, maps, highlights, reference points, trailhead directions, and full-color photos depicting trail features so hikers can plan their hike and make the most of their time on the trail. Half Day Hikes donates 50% of the proceeds they receive from the sale of each book to the state parks they write about to support the ongoing management and maintenance of hiking trails.

For more information, please visit: www.halfdayhikes.com

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